How To Repair Loose Charging Port In Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo laptop’s are known to generally have a good track record however there are some instances where the laptop may see some damage either due to wear and tear from multiple attachments and detachments or from end-user negligence or with the part in question being of low quality. This tutorial will show you how to repair a loose charging port on your Lenovo laptop. For the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to be dealing with a Lenovo P500 laptop and replacing it’s charging port.

1. With your laptop powered down, flip it over to discover the SKU for your laptop.

2. You’re going to need the SKU/model number for your laptop to source the service manual from Lenovo's support site. The service manual will hold information regarding the screw mounting locations and how to disassemble the laptop as well as list of all the parts needed should they fail.

3. Using a small magnetic Phillips screw driver, undo all the screws from their positions. It’s possible that the screws may also be hidden under rubber feet. It might come in handy if you used a sheet of paper to make a screw positions diagram and place each respective screw on their designated points. Often times you can and will come across screws that are varying in size and width.

4. With all the screws undone, flip the laptop topside.

5. Open the lid for the laptop.

6. Remove the keyboard from the laptop with the help of a guitar pick or a very small flat head screw driver.

7. Be sure to unlatch the ribbon cable for the keyboard and set it aside.

8. Now unlatch all the wires/ribbon cables that are located on the motherboard side under the keyboard.

9. You should see some screws (some are marked in M2.5). Undo them and place them in a safe location. Screw diagram will aid you here.

10. Slide the optical drive out of its slot and place for safe keeping.

11. Flip over the laptop. You might want to inspect the location where the optical drive’s lip is to see if there are any small screws holding the shell in place. Undo them.

12. Using a slim object like a used/discarded credit card or a guitar pick or a spudger, separate the top and the bottom shell starting from the right of the laptop’s front edge. Run the wedge down the middle where you can see the top and bottom shell marry.

13. Gently pry the bottom shell off to leave the innards exposed.

14. Turn your attention to the left hinge. Undo the screws holding it place.

15. Gently tilt laptop lid to force the hinge to give way and open in a direction away from the motherboard.

16. You should now gain access to the AC power input jack.

17. Disconnect it from the motherboard and inspect the cabling and the power jack. It should hold a sticker/label (midway of the cable) in order to identify the part or part number.

18. Armed with the AC power jack’s part number, use Ebay or Aliexpress to source a replacement part.

19. When the replacement part comes, simply reverse steps from 17 to 3 to reassemble the laptop.

20. Ideally, post AC power input jack replacement, you should put your laptop to the test by charging the laptops battery while powered down.

21. Once battery is fully charged, while connected to the AC adapter, you can fire your laptop like normal.

22. Unplug and replug the AC adapter to see if notifications in your OS GUI correspond with your gesture.

Please keep in mind that the screw locations will be in different locations and the way you disassemble each laptop will vary with each model of laptops from Lenovo. This is why we advise you source the service manual for your particular model of your laptop before disassembly.

Pertaining to the part number for the AC power input jack, the sticker’s location will be the same for every cable which means you will have to disassemble the laptop if you can’t source it from the manual. In spite of having the same sticker location, the part number will vary with the laptop’s model.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ve managed to repair a damaged/loose charging port on your Lenovo laptop.
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