How to Run Microsoft Office Natively on the MacBook Pro


Microsoft Office is probably the foundation of almost everyone’s journey into using a computer for their work-related purposes. Be it MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, the Windows MS Office pack is something one cannot live without.

There are two ways to use Microsoft Office on a MacBook. One is to simply use a Windows emulator to run the required software, but this slows down the PC. The second method is to run the Windows Office on a MacBook Pro natively, and in order to do this one needs to be able run Windows OS natively on their PC alongside the MacOS. Here are steps as to how you can do that so that you can run Microsoft Office natively on the MacBook Pro:

Step 1
Download the 'Windows 10 IOS' file from the Microsoft website.

Step 2
Go the 'Applications' tab and click on the 'Utilities' option.

Step 3
Open the ‘Boot Camp Assistant’ app.

Step 4
Browse and select the 'ISO' file which was downloaded.

Step 5
Choose the amount of space you want to provide for the Windows segment depending on your usage purpose and remember to leave a sizeable amount of space for the MacOS as well. Once done, click on 'Install'.

Step 6
Upon completing the installation enter your 'Administrator Password' and your PC will be rebooted.

Step 7
Once your system reboots, a Windows dialog box will open asking you to activate the OS and customize the settings. You can choose to perform these functions later on as well.

Step 8
Once the entire process is over, install the Windows drivers using the 'Boot Camp Installer' and you should be set to go.

Step 9
Download the 'Microsoft Office Installer files and use them on your MacBook Pro.