Saving Articles to Pocket to read later, or on another device, is as easy as one simple button push.

You can save articles to your pocket account using your web browser or a mobile device. No matter which way you save, you'll be able to access all articles from the web or any device with the Pocket app installed.

Here's how to save articles to your Pocket account using either your browser or a mobile device:

Note: This tutorial assumes that you've already installed Pocket into your web browser. If you haven't installed the Pocket plug-in, click here to find out how.

How to Save Articles to Pocket from Your Web Browser

1. Choose an article that you'd like to save to Pocket and click on the Pocket icon in your browser's utility bar;


2. Your browser will display a notification, letting you know that the article has been saved, and the icon will be highlighted pink;

3. From the notification window, you can: type in tags to easily search for your article later, open Pocket in your web browser, or remove the page from Pocket.


How to Save Articles to Pocket from Your Mobile Device

1.Choose an article to save to Pocket from your mobile device's web browser and tap the share icon;


2. Tap the Pocket app icon;


3. It's saved! A small notification will appear on the screen. When you open your Pocket app, or sign in to Pocket on the web, the article will appear in your list.