How to Set Up a Programmable Fire TV Remote Add-on

The Piggyback TV Remote by Mission Cables is a cool add-on device for the Fire TV Voice Remote which makes it easy for you to control your Fire TV and basic functions of your television including volume, mute, power, and input with one single remote. This eliminates the hassle of carrying multiple remotes at the same time. The steps below will guide you on how to program your Fire TV add on.

1. Purchase the Original Version of the Piggyback TV Remote
There are different versions of the universal TV remote but the one by Piggybank is the most recommended because of the ease with which it fits with the Fire TV without increasing the bulkiness of the remote.

2. Remove the Back Cover of your Fire TV Remote
You will need to remover the back cover or battery cover of your Fire TV remote. The Piggyback TV remote fits seamlessly into this position and serve as the new battery cover of your remote.

[Note: This will only work with the newer versions of the Amazon Fire TV voice remote.]

3. Slide in the Piggyback TV Remote
Slide in the Piggyback TV remote in place of the Fire TV remote battery cover. Make sure to slide it until the Piggyback remote is firmly attached to the Amazon voice remote. Now you have two in one remote; the Amazon Fire TV voice remote to one side and the Piggyback TV remote on the flip side.

4. Remove Battery Protector
At the base of the piggyback remote you will find the 'Battery Protector'. Pull it out and insert the suitable battery in the slot.

5. Align your TV and Piggyback TV Remote
To program your Piggyback TV remote you will need the original remote of the television or a universal remote that is already programmed to your television. Align the two remotes so that the sensor of the Piggyback remote and the sensor of your TV remote are facing each other.

6. Program your Piggyback Remote
Press and hold the ‘Learn’ button on the Piggyback remote for at least '6 seconds' or until it lights up.
● To program the power button, press the power button on your Piggyback remote then press the ‘Power button’ on your Original TV remote.
● Press the volume up button on your Piggyback remote and the ‘Volume Up’ button on your TV remote
● Repeat this for the ‘Volume Down’ button and the ‘Input’ button and ‘Mute’. Press the 'Learn' button again for 6 seconds to close the programming process. you can now use the remote for your Fire TV and TV.

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