How to Solve the Error Code 011 (Cannot Connect to Roku)


There are chances that the user experiences the error while connecting to the Roku Server. This can happen due to various reasons. Sometimes, the error code 011 is displayed on the screen or the error message of ‘Cannot connect to the Roku’. Users witness this error while applying the software update to their device.

You can keep checking for software updates provided by Roku regularly. Performing software updates when available will enable you to use the newly added features and experience the changes applied to the existing features. There are chances that you might get an error during the installation of the latest software update. Here’s how you can solve the error of not connecting to the Roku Server.

On the Roku device
Step 1
When the initial setup process is taking place, the latest software gets automatically downloaded and installed. It is at this process that you might encounter an error message ‘Cannot connect to Roku’ with the error code 011. This error indicates that the software update has failed since Roku device cannot connect to Roku Software update.

Wait for few minutes and select the option ‘Try again’.

Step 2
Go to and here you can check if there are any alerts announcements stating that the service is currently experiencing the problems.

Step 3
If your Roku device is detected that it is not connected to the internet anymore, a message appears at the top stating that the network is 'Not Connected'.

Step 4
If you are unable to connect to the home network, you will find a message that takes you to steps of reconnecting to your home network. Even, then if the problem continues to persist, you can try visiting Roku support page to check for further internet connectivity issues.

You can now solve the error - ‘Cannot connect to Roku’ with error code 011 by following these instructions