How to Stop the Red Light in Roku Express Devices

Roku’s interface and streaming abilities are complemented by the outstanding build quality of the device. The device rarely falters. However, you might occasionally notice a red LED on your Roku device. If its flashing, the Roku device is not receiving sufficient power, and if it is constantly glowing red, it means the Roku device is overheating.
Fixing the device in both these circumstances is not too difficult. You only need to follow these simple steps.

How to Fix Flashing Red Light in Roku device?

1. Connect to Different USB Port
USB ports come with different power output specifications. Try connecting to different USB ports on your TV to solve the problem.

2. Use Roku Specific USB Cable
The power delivery for your Roku device may not be sufficient. Disconnect any other USB cables, and connect your Roku using the USB cable it came with in the package.

3. Connect Directly to Power Outlet
If the USB is not able to provide sufficient power, connect your Roku device straight into the power outlet using the adapter that came with it.

How to Fix Constant Red light in Roku device?

1. Keep Roku Device Out of Cupboards/Cases
Your Roku device might be overheating as a result of being inside a closed case. Keep it outside any such confinements so it can function properly.

2. Let the Device Cool
Detach cables and disconnect your Roku streaming device. Let it cool down for some time before attaching the HDMI and power cable. This should be enough to let you power it back up and stream content.

3. Place Roku Away from TV
It will help the Roku device to cool down if you keep it a slight distance from your TV. Use USB and HDMI adapters/repeater cables to achieve this.

The red light issue should resolve now, so you can resume your video playback.