How to Sync Google Drive and Dropbox with the Files App

The Files app in iOS 11 is not only limited to your iDevice’s internal storage and iCloud Drive but it also allows you to sync your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts as well. By syncing the two, you can bring and gain access to all your Cloud-based storages along with your device’s local space under one roof.
Fortunately syncing your Google Drive and Dropbox with the Files app is not as tricky as enabling access to the internal storage of your iDevice.
Here’s how you can sync your Google Drive and Dropbox with the Files app on your iPhone or iPad:
Syncing Google Drive
    Install Google Drive from App Store
    Tap the App Store icon from the Home screen, search for Google Drive, tap the GET button, and tap Install. (Provide your Apple account’s login details when/if prompted). This starts downloading Google Drive on your iDevice, and installs the app once the download is complete.




    Set up Google Drive on your iPhone/iPad
    Tap OPEN from the App Store’s Google Drive page, tap Continue, provide you Apple account’s login details when prompted, tap TURN ON, and tap Allow. This opens the Google Drive’s interface, prompts you about the required account information before you can proceed, and with your consent, enables the notifications that you’ll receive when any activity takes place in your Google Drive account.





    Access Google Drive in the Files app
    Tap the Files icon from the Home screen, and tap Drive. This opens the Drive window within the Files app. From here you can access all the files saved on your Google Drive.


    Create a new folder in Google Drive

Tap the Create New Folder icon from the upper section of the Drive window, give the folder a name, and tap Done from the top-right corner of the window. This lets you create a new folder inside Google Drive that can be synced and accessed on all the devices that have Google Drive installed in them.

Syncing Dropbox
    Install Dropbox from App Store
    Follow the method given in the Syncing Google Drive section to search and install Dropbox on your iPhone/iPad. This installs the Dropbox’s iOS app on your iDevice, and adds its icon to the Home screen.

    Set up Dropbox on your iPhone/iPad
    Tap the Dropbox icon from the Home screen, tap Sign in with Google, Sign Up, or Sign in, and follow the on-screen instructions from there. This lets you use your existing Google account to sign up with Dropbox, sign up with Dropbox with a new account if you don’t already have one, or sign in to Dropbox with your existing account. You must pick one of the available options to get Dropbox up and running on your iPhone.





    Pick a subscription plan
    Tap either Try free for 30 days or Continue with Basic (2 GB) from the Choose Your Dropbox Plan window. While picking up the 30 day trial offer lets you use Dropbox with its premium features enabled for next 30 days, the Basic plan allows you to use the free 2 GB Cloud space that Dropbox offers for unlimited time period. These options appear if you’re setting up a Dropbox account for the first time.

    Enable Dropbox notifications
    Tap Allow when Dropbox prompts for notifications. By doing so, you provide your consent to receive any alerts and notifications that Dropbox sends when any activity takes place in your Dropbox account.

    Access Dropbox from the Files app

Tap the Files icon from the Home screen, and tap Dropbox – Personal. This opens up the Dropbox – Personal window from where you can access all the contents you’ve saved in your Dropbox space.


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