Question How to remove Unremovable Dropbox 25 GB that came with my computer

Jan 14, 2020
To start things off, my bandwidth has been a lot slower on my computer than all of the others, so I was going through services and apps looking for things that could be slowing it down. On another forum, I saw that Dropbox can actually hog bandwidth in the background. Well, I tried to disable the service, but it keeps popping back up. So I figure that I never used it, so I will uninstall it, but the only thing I have is Dropbox 25 GB which is from 2015 when I got the laptop, and it will not let me uninstall it.

Every time I go to uninstall, it wants me to find the directory with the original 2015 installation file, but the directory and file no longer exist for some reason, so it all stops. The actual directory for Dropbox is in Program Files, but none of the files will open with the exception of the updating file that complains that it can't update without the original file. I can't even recycling bin it because it is running in services and background processes.

Here is a link to a screen shot of the uninstall error message. Sorry, it would not let me embed a picture.

Any ideas?
Jan 14, 2020
disable the services?
try in safe mode?
I was able to boot in safe mode with network, and my speed test was still horrible, so it might not be services slowing it down after all. Anyways, I was able to delete files and disable services, but the app is still appearing on my list and cannot be uninstalled. I guess this is something that I just have to live with?
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