How To Talk To A Human At DIRECTV Customer Service


Some companies make it really easy to get to a live customer service person, and others, well no so much. Trying to get through all those prompts, and make sure you hear them correctly, can be extremely frustrating. This tutorial should help you cut through all that and get you to a real human person to speak to at DIRECTV.

1. Dial... 1-800-531-5000


2. When you are asked to enter your information, press "0".

3. As the second set of questions starts, press "0" again.

4. Now when the talking starts again, 'do not' press any buttons and say "Customer Service".

5. Again the questions will come and again 'do not' press any buttons, just say "Customer Service".

6. When the system starts talking to you this one more time, press "0".

7. Now that you have pressed and talked your way down that long road, you should be directed to a real live customer service person.

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