Why is speaking to 'tech support' so frustrating?

Ignore the 'for' in the title. No idea how or why that got there. LOL

Sadly I actually know the answer to my question (and have for way to long) but I wanted to pose the question to others as well.

See for me, it is like trying to teach a closed mind how to open up and think. It would be simpler to hit my head on a wall (they headache would be less painful).

My recent experience trying to explain to a companies so called tech support (calling for a friend who has no patience at all so gets no where on calls to them) made me really consider never calling any support ever again (yes it was that bad).

She got a smartphone replacement that came with Android GO instead of Android. Alas this made it so a couple apps she uses (one she needs to use they other just a want) will not work. They don't work on GO. She tried telling their people that and got nowhere. So She asked me to call. Patient and knowledgeable person that I am, figuring I could get them to understand.

Boy did that not work.

I spent approximately 3 hours, talking to a total of 8 different people in different departments, two of them being supervisors and one manager, and no one could understand what I was saying.

Sounds crazy right?

I tried a dozen ways to explain the problem. My friend "needs" that one app. She is disabled and it is important. There is not another she can use. They just could not get it. They could not understand that Android GO is not Android. It is a cheaper (in my words dumbed down) version. It is a fact that some apps just will not work with it. I even explained (over and over and over) that I spoke with the creators of the app she needs about the problem, to see if there was a way to make it work on that version. They said they would not make the necessary changes (stating that some changes they just couldn't do) so it would only work on full regular Android. But the reps, supervisors and managers I spoke with could not understand this.

They kept INSISTING (yes forcefully so had to do in caps) that Android and Android GO were the same and that the app should work, even stating that the apps creators were wrong and that they could 'make it work' on that phone. They tried to say that you could just update to the newest Android (still not getting the difference).

Now I know they ...
  1. May actually might not even know it is different (one of them admitted they didn't know that).
  2. May lie (called out a couple of them on those of course and got different answers after I did).
  3. Are just following their 'company's protocols" for dealing with things.
  4. Their supervisor is telling them what to say (I could hear them in the background LOL).
  5. have to follow that the company they work for doesn't want to have to replace the device or have a cost to them, so they are told to do what they need to as to not have to do so.
All of this (and more) leads many to just give up and then they are stuck with things they can't use or don't work properly, because they don't want to deal with the horrible tech support (or customer service).

I can't (obviously) be the only person experiencing this. Since my friend is getting this phone through the government, and is a disabled person, she told me she will be contacting an organization that helps people like her with such problems. Especially since it is not a want but a need in her case.

I hope it gets fixed for her, but it brought up a ton of questions for me about all this and how bad companies are now treating their customers.

Before anyone asks, no I won't say what app she needs, it is her life and that is private, but that isn't the point. The point is the company should fix the problem, not cause others.

It drives me a little crazy (and I am extremely patient) when the people you are talking to claim to know so much and will even try to tell you that you don't know because they know more than you, and then you can prove they really don't. Situations like this are ultra frustrating.

So what do you all think??


Corporate policy. Lie, cheat, and steal until they give up.
If the phone was received via a government program, they likely have authorized dealers to work on said phones. Make sure the people you spoke with are actually authorized to provide the needed support.
If they are, refer back to the provider of the phone. Give them names (company and techs), numbers, quotes, every detail you can think of and report it back to them.

It is a long and drawn out process. As you know, it is intended to be this way. Stick with it and get it resolved.

-Wolf sends
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