How to Turn on Parental Controls for Amazon Fire TV


The Amazon Fire TV has people considering their television sets in a whole new way. You can add all your favorites shows, movies, streaming services, etc. and certain games as well. Basically, if you have a television set you need to get the Amazon Fire Stick. And if you are a parent then good news for you because Amazon Fire TV comes with a refined set of parental controls which can help ensure that your children do not end up watching matured content at a young age. Follow the steps below to set up parental controls on your Amazon Fire TV:

Step 1
Open the 'Settings' menu on your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 2
Open the ‘Preferences’ section.

Step 3
Select the 'Parental Control' option and press the circle button on the remote to turn it on.

Step 4
This action will require you to enter your 'Amazon Fire TV PIN' so when asked, enter the 'PIN' and then click on 'Continue'.

Step 5
Once done, you can now set up the various parental control options as per your wish. Firstly, you can block any purchases from the Amazon webstore via the TV. Secondly, you can block all viewable material based on its rating. When you turn on this setting the default mode blocks all content with the ‘Teen’ or ‘Mature’ rating. You can change this as per your wish. And lastly, you can establish parental controls in the Amazon Music app which will block any song with containing explicit words from being played.

Things to Note:
  • ■The process of blocking any material or purchase is via the use of the Amazon Fire TV PIN. If the PIN is compromised you will be required to change it.
    ■[You will need to enter the PIN only using the Fire TV remote or a Fire TV remote app in order to turn on parental controls.