How to Turn your Amazon Fire TV into an Ultimate Media Device

Your Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon fire TV comes with a benefit. And that is that it can be turned into an ultimate media device. You get more in less. And who says no to ultimate entertainment? Walk through this guide to turn your Amazon fire TV into an ultimate media device.

This guide is going to be a little technical as you have to follow the steps to install Kodi in your Fire TV. We have tried our best to break it down for you.

Step 1
Set up the 'Settings'
Go to ‘Settings’.

• Now click on ‘System’.

• Now, select ‘Developer Options’

• And now turn on both ‘ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources’. This is an essential step.

Step 2
Switch to your computer
You need to plug your Fire Stick to your computer. Once you do that, download ‘adbFire’ into your PC. Open the app.

Step 3
Input Details
After opening ‘adbFire’, click ‘New’ to create your profile.

  • • Now you need to feed your Description and IP Address details in the highlighted sections. Save this by hitting ‘Save’ on the bottom left of the sub-window.

    • Now you are all ready to install the APK. Click ‘Install APK’. And choose the APK from the desired folder.

    • The bottom of the sub-window will show the progress of the installation

    • Now choose the ‘Kodi APK’ from the desired folder and hit ‘Open’.

Step 4
Push Add Ons

Once the process is done you need to push over the Add on file and to do that you need to click ‘Push’ and do some coding stuff. Just follow the written code on the image and follow the instruction.

Step 5
Feed the Codes and Files
You need to push the add on files of whichever media platform you want to access into this coding window. We can start with Phoenix.

  • • Drag and drop the add on file of Phoenix from the system into the code window.

    • And now feed codes like in the image.

Step 6
Open ‘Kodi’
In order to plunge into the world of media, ‘Open’ the installed Kodi. In order to do that-
• Open ‘Settings’.

• Then go to ‘Application’. Further scroll down to ‘Manage Installed Applications’.

• Click on ‘Kodi’.

• And then launch the application by clicking on ‘Launch application’.

Step 7
Install the Add on
The last step to reach your instant and unlimited entertainment is to install the addons in Kodi. Select ‘Videos’. Then hit ‘Video Add-ons’. Click on ‘Phoenix’ for which you had carried out the entire configuration. You can now watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Kodi giving your Amazon Fire TV the features of an ultimate media device!

Step 8
Click on install from Zip file
Click on ‘Install from zip file’ to install the add ons.
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