How to Unlock the Nokia Lumia 520 or 1020


When you bought your Nokia Lumia 520 or Lumia 1020, it was likely on contract with your wireless carrier. When you’re done with your contract, unlocking the phone is a simple process as long as you have an eligible phone and all of your information at the ready. Unlocking is useful if you want to bring your smartphone to a new carrier.

Your phone is eligible if:
[listNum]■All monthly bills, installments, and other monetary dues have been paid to the wireless carrier in full and there is no outstanding amount on the device whatsoever.

■The phone is still locked with the wireless carrier, is in use, and is active.
■The phone has not been reported stolen or lost by the owner.
■The IMEI number of the phone has not been blacklisted or blocked.
■The phone has not been involved in any criminal or fraudulent activity.
■The locking threshold duration with the current wireless carrier (1 year or more for prepaid subscription; 60 days or more for postpaid subscription) has been reached.

If you have met these conditions, collect the following information:

[listNum]■The full name registered with your wireless carrier.
■The 10-digit subscriber number (mobile number).
■The IMEI number of the phone that can be found by going to Settings > about > more info or by typing *#06# on the phone to get the IMEI number displayed on the screen instantaneously.
■The subscription type of your connection, i.e. prior customer, prepaid, postpaid, etc.
■Registered email address of the account holder (you).
■The last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN) of the account holder (you).
■Any account passwords.

Note: In case you have a used Nokia Lumia, you must have the original buyer’s information.

After the phone is found eligible and all the information is collected, you can locate the section representing your current wireless carrier below. Follow the instructions to place the unlock request, get the unlock code, and then finally unlock your Nokia Lumia 520 or 1020 from its carrier:

Unlocking Nokia Lumia from AT&T
Contact AT&T’s customer support team by dialing +1-(800)-331-0500 or visiting After presenting the required information to the executive on the line, you can place the unlock request and ask for the unlock code. Once your unlock request has been processed, you’ll be notified about the approval along with a unique unlock code for your Nokia Lumia.
At this stage, you can follow the steps given below in order to unlock your phone from AT&T:

    ■Power off your Nokia Lumia.
    ■Replace the AT&T SIM card in the SIM slot with a non-AT&T SIM.
    ■Power the phone back on.
    ■Provide the SIM PIN number if prompted.
    ■Once the SIM Unlock box appears, provide the unique unlock code that you received from AT&T.
    ■Tab Enter when done.
    ■Restart your Nokia Lumia, and start using the unlocked phone.

Unlocking Nokia Lumia from Sprint
Sprint can unlock your Nokia Lumia for use with either domestic or international wireless carriers. The two types of unlocking systems offered by Sprint are:

Domestic SIM Unlock or DSU – When your Nokia Lumia 520 is unlocked with DSU, it can be used only with the domestic wireless carriers within the US. You cannot use the DSU unlocked Lumia with international carriers.

International SIM Unlock or ISU – ISU, on the other hand, unlocks your Nokia Lumia for international wireless carriers only. That being said, you cannot use your ISU unlocked Lumia 520 with any US domestic carrier.

Dialing +1-(888)-226-7212 or visiting connects you to the Sprint customer support team in a live conversation session. You can then place the phone unlock request.
After the request has been approved, you are notified along with a unique unlock code for your phone. Upon receiving the code, here is how you can unlock your Nokia Lumia from Sprint:

    ■Power off your Nokia Lumia.
    ■Take out the Sprint SIM card from the slot.
    ■Insert a non-Sprint SIM, and start the phone up.
    ■If prompted, provide the SIM PIN.
    ■When the SIM Unlock window comes up, provide the Sprint unlock code and tap Enter.
    ■Restart your Nokia Lumia phone and start using it with the different wireless carrier. (The phone is unlocked).

Unlocking Nokia Lumia from T-Mobile

T-Mobile can easily unlock your Nokia Lumia after it has confirmed the eligibility of your phone.

To place the unlock request for your Lumia, dial +1-(877)-746-0909 or visit and provide the required information needed to process your unlock request.

After you are notified about the unlock approval of your phone and you get the unlock code from T-Mobile, you can follow the steps given below to unlock your Lumia:

    ■Switch your Nokia Lumia off.
    ■Replace the existing T-Mobile SIM card with a non-T-Mobile one.
    ■Switch the phone back on, and if prompted, provide the SIM PIN.
    ■When the phone prompts you, provide the unlock code in the SIM Unlock box.
    ■Press Enter to continue.
    ■Restart your Lumia before using the unlocked phone with your new wireless carrier normally.

Unlocking Nokia Lumia from Verizon
Many Verizon locked phone models cannot be unlocked due to the CDMA technology that this wireless carrier uses. However there are still a few phones that have a separate independent SIM slot. Such phones are already unlocked and can be used with a different carrier (provided they meet the eligibility criteria).
You can dial +1-(800)-256-4646 to contact Verizon customer support team in order to confirm the unlocking status of your Nokia Lumia locked with Verizon.
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