How To Use Alexa And Google Home To Control Your Roku

Appestry has developed a model by which one can use their voice to perform such functions as pausing the television, utilizing the directional buttons and even launching a ROKU channel. This technology is set to work in various platforms such bas Amazon’s Alexa voice services as well as Google Home voice service. The convenience of using ROKU has greatly been fostered by this including a wider diversity of users.

Setting up Google home app voice match
1.Make sure you have the most recent version of Google Home application installed in your device.

2. Make sure your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Google Home app.
3. Navigate to the menu icon and make sure the Google account availed is the one you prefer to link your voice to.

4. In the home screen of the application in the top right corner, you may tap on the devices icon. Locate your ROKU device you intend to set up with the voice match.
5. From the ROKU device you should then tap the blue banner with the inscriptions Multi user. It is now available for the link to your account option.

6. The application will take your voice recognition exercises so as to integrate your voice identity to its system.

Setting up Alexa voice service to your ROKU

Alexa provides convenience of using voice to control your linked devices to your preference. This also means that one does not have to fumble for the remote whenever they get a phone call but can rather request Alexa to mute the ROKU set. Alexa also is based on cloud intelligence as well as machine learning antics that leads to a more interactive and responsive voice service customized only to your specifications. Alexa has a more improved interphase being able to execute more than one command at the same time accommodating more than one ROKU device. Below is a simple procedure of integrating Alexa to your ROKU system.
1. On your up to date Alexa app preinstalled in your system, navigate to the quick remote skill and activate it.
2. The next phase is linking the quick remote account to Amazon, using the login with Amazon option.
3. Make the installation of the quick remote for Alexa and Roku application in your mobile device. As long as you are linked on the same network, you will be able to use voice recognition to start using the service.