How to use Android Beam

Android Beam was never as publicized as it should have been. It’s a very useful feature of Android that uses NFC technology to wirelessly transfer files between devices. For fast sharing of contact details or useful data between devices, there is nothing better. Here’s how to use Android Beam.

First you will need to ensure your device is NFC compatible.

1. Navigate to Settings, Wireless & Networks and More.
2. If you see an entry that says NFC, you have a compatible device.
3. Enable NFC to continue.

Transferring using Android Beam
There are two ways to share data using Beam, Touch to Beam and Share.

1. Ensure NFC is turned on as above on both devices.
2. Navigate to whatever data it is you want to share.
3. Touch the two devices back to back.
4. You should hear a beep and you should see ‘Touch to beam’.
5. Select it.
6. The data should now be transferred to the other device.

Sharing using Android Beam
If for some reason back to back sharing doesn’t work, you can still share files. You will need an app capable of sharing, such as Google Music, the Photos app, Contacts or something else. Many third-party file managers can also share.

1. Ensure NFC is turned on as above on both devices.
2. Navigate to the file you want to share.
3. Long tap the file and select Share.
4. Select Android Beam and the file should shrink on the screen and you should hear a beep.
5. Touch the back of the two devices together and the file should automatically transfer.
6. The receiving device should see the message ‘Beam complete’ and will be able to view the file.

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