How to Use Your iPhone to Shoot or Scan a Nearby Object or Document and Have it Automatically Appear on Your Mac

The days of seamless connectivity of smart devices are finally here, kudos to Apple and cloud technology. With the latest iCloud innovations that Apple is rolling out one can ensure that they click or scan an object with their iPhone and it directly gets saved in the PC as well. What this means is that the tedious process of connecting via a USB cable and using iTunes to sync all photos from one device to another and then picking the one you need will no longer be required. The process becomes direct, hassle free, and instantaneous.

Here is a Complete Breakdown of the Procedure:

Step 1
Set up the iCloud Photos application on both your device, the iPhone and the MacBook pro, and ensure that it is up to date.

Step 2
You need to enable iCloud Photos on both your devices. On your iPhone, go to the settings menu and find the iCloud menu under which you can enable the iCloud Photos app. For the MacBook this option is available under the System Preferences tab, where you can set the photo option to iCloud Photos.

Step 3
Now as soon as you use your iPhone to click a picture, or scan a document, the file will get uploaded to the iCloud Photos application and get downloaded on your MacBook Pro via the same cloud technology. In other words, the need for manually connecting and transferring photos will no longer exist.
Things to note:

  • ■Both the devices will have to be connected to a wi-fi network for the cloud transfer to work.
    ■Selecting iCloud Photos as your photo transfer app might remove earlier pictures transferred via iTunes.
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