I Cannot Save MS PowerPoint 2013 Presentation in 97-2003 Compatible Format

With the release of MS PowerPoint 2007, the default extension of the PowerPoint presentations changed from PPT to PPTX. All the files that have PPTX extension can be opened easily in any MS PowerPoint 2007 or above versions of the program. Because of the advanced features and the extended file format, the PPTX files are not compatible with the MS Office 2003 or earlier versions of the MS Office packages.

In order to make the PowerPoint presentations created in the MS Office 2007 or upper versions compatible with the MS Office 2003 or earlier versions of the program, the files must be saved in the 97-2003 compatible format which has the legacy PPT extension.

Although the backward compatibility has been added in MS Office 2007 and above versions of the package in order to make things easier for the users who still use the legacy versions of the program, many times administrators block the MS PowerPoint (2007 or later) from saving the files in the 97-2003 format. They might do so for various security reasons, but if you are an independent user and you are facing the problems where you cannot save your MS PowerPoint 2013 files in 97-2003 compatible format, you can modify the settings yourself provided they are not being managed by the administrators in an enterprise network environment.

Therefore, before moving any further, make sure that your computer has a standalone operating system and is not a part of a domain or is managed by any other administrator. Once you are sure that you can make the required modifications in your instance of MS Office 2013, you can follow the steps given below to allow your copy of MS PowerPoint 2013 to save the presentations in 97-2003 compatible PPT format:

    ■Log on to the computer using any account.

    ■Initialize MS PowerPoint 2013 program using the appropriate procedure.

    ■Open any existing presentation or create a new one just to have a basic interface.

    ■On the opened window, go to the FILE tab.

    ■From the displayed list, go to the Options option.


    ■On the opened PowerPoint Options box, from the left pane, click to select the Trust Center category.

    ■From the right pane, under the Microsoft PowerPoint Trust Center section, click the Trust Center Settings button.


    ■On the opened Trust Center box, from the left pane, click to select the File Block Settings category.

    ■From the right pane, uncheck the Open and Save checkboxes representing the PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentations, Shows, Templates and Add-in Files option.


    ■Once done, click OK to save the changes.

    ■Back on the PowerPoint Options box, click OK again.

    ■If required, restart MS PowerPoint 2013 program.

    ■After restarting the program, open any existing presentation and try to save the file with the 97-2003 compatible format. You should now be able to save the file successfully.

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