I Cannot View MS Outlook 2013 Data after 15 Days

MS Outlook 2013 being a popular e-mail client, contains personal information like mails, appointments and meetings data. Outlook also ensures that the data recorded on the local machine is properly synchronized, and is in equilibrium with the web mails automatically.

Outlook handles a lot of information. This complete data may not be of equal concern to you after some days, so the Outlook may remove it. This data may not be available for use after a specific time. The Outlook program has a feature of archiving older data that is not of equal use after a set period of time, and by default this time is set to 15 days, but the auto archiving is not made active.

You may have accidentally or deliberately activated the auto archiving from the settings, and when this happens, all your mails are not visible that were dated before 15 days. Outlook has removed the mails and their data in order to compress the size of the mailbox. All the data that is removed from the Outlook is actually moved to the archives folder once in a month or so.

This issue can be solved by changing the auto archive setting from 15 days to some other number to suit your preference, or by just disabling it altogether. After the alteration, you may be asked to manually archive the mail data.

The default configuration to reduce the mailbox size by deleting or archiving the data after some specific time helps Outlook maintain flawless and swift working.

However, if you do not want the Outlook to automatically archive data after a specific time, you can resolve this issue by following the below described instruction step by steps:

    ■Initialize the MS Outlook 2013 from Start menu, using any privileges.

    ■On the interface, select FILE from the menu bar.


    ■On the Outlook’s Info page, select Options from the right pane.


    ■On the Outlook Options box, choose Advanced from the left pane.


    ■On the box, under the AutoArchive section, click on AutoArchive Settings button.


    ■On the AutoArchive box that opens up, uncheck the Run AutoArchive every


    ■Click on OK to save the changes.

    ■Once you are done, restart MS Outlook 2013 application. You can now view the data that is more than 15 days older.

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