Monster Hunter World - It's a Crying Shamos Quest Guide

This is the first quest of the new area you have entered after Wildspire Waste. It is an easy quest and won’t take much of your time. So if you want to know more about the quest and how to complete it, then refer to the guide given below:
Now this one is completely different from the previous ones, although it involves the slaying of some monsters the monsters are new and you need to slay 11 of them. This is the first quest of the Coral Highlands and will be a great start for you as you will get to warm up for the huge monsters coming in the next quests. So the objective of this quest is fairly simple, you just need to slay 11 monsters called Shamos.

The time period for this quest is 50 minutes and if you run out of time, you will fail the quest. Also, if you faint three times, you will fail the quest as well. If you complete the quest successfully, you will be rewarded with 2520z which is a decent amount considering the straightforwardness of the quest. Lastly, you will need a Hunter Rank of 6 to start this quest but you should have that by now. Anyways, with everything out of the way, let’s complete this quest:
1. This is a very easy quest so you don’t have to make much preparation but getting a nice meal and packing some potions is always a good idea. So, get a meal and get some potions, also, sharpen your weapon.

2. Once you are done with these things, start the quest and embark on your journey to finding these monsters. The Shamos are small monsters that usually hunt in packs so you will have a decent amount to kill upon your first encounter with them and this quick completion of the quest.

3. Now you will need to find Shamos and they can be located in the AREA 2 and AREA 4. But, they usually venture down to the AREA 1 at different times. So that means you will not have to go very far to hunt them down.

4. If you are finding it hard to locate these monsters, you can always find them through your in-game map. Just open the map and then change the filters. Search for small monsters and you will see several diamonds of purple color on the map. Just take your cursor over the diamond to see what it is. This way, it will be easier to find the Shamos if you don’t get to slay all seven of them in the areas mentioned above.

Once you have found them, it is easy to kill them as they are not much of a threat to you. So after killing all 11 of them, your quest will be completed and you will get a reward of 2520z.