Monster Hunter World - RRRRRumble in the Waste Quest Guide


Just like the last few quests, you will be faced with some old foes in this one and there will be two of them. So if you want to know how you can complete the quest and defeat both of them, read the guide below:
This is a huge one. You will be facing a very big threat in this quest and this is because you will have to hunt more than one monster. And unlike the usual quests where you have to hunt small monsters to complete a quest, you will be hunting two big monsters in this one. That is why you will be facing a major issue. The objective of the quest is to track and hunt two monsters named The Diablos and Black Diablos, yes you read it right.

If you successfully complete the quest, you will get a reward that you have never ever gotten and that is 21600z which is HUGE. Anyways, you will be given a window of 50 minutes to complete the quest and if you didn’t complete it in this time, you would fail the quest. You will also fail it if you faint three times during it and that can happen as you will be facing two monsters. Lastly, you will need a Hunter Rank of 13 or more to start the quest and you should have that by now as you have completed the quests that required the same level in the past. So with the basics out of the way, let’s start the work:
- This is going to be a bit of a chore mainly because both of the Diablos are not the nice foes under the normal situation. But depending on how much hunting you have done before, you may have come across both of them before. So this means you know how to deal both of them and that is a good thing as you know about them.

- Just keep one thing in mind and that is you should not engage both of them at the same time as one of them roars and the other charges and a few hits can send you back to camp. So if you come across both of them at the same time, you should lure one away from the other. You can use the Dung Pod to deter the one you don’t want to deal with first.

- So aside from having to face both of them at the same time, there is not much to this quest. You already know about their locations, their attacks, strengths, weaknesses and vulnerable body parts. So just keep those things in mind and fight them. Although the easiest way is to capture one of them and then deal with the other but you don’t want to go near the lair of these monsters as you may face them both there.
So once you have killed both of these monsters, you will complete the quest and will be rewarded with a generous amount of 21600z.