Moving Installed Apps to SD Card on Galaxy Tab

Need to free up some space on the drive of your Galaxy Tab device? In some cases, you can do that by moving installed applications (and app data) from your drive onto your SD card. Whether you need space for music and photos, or just want to preserve the data for a few apps that you aren’t using right now, you can move your apps over to your SD card by following the steps below.

Step 1
Decide which apps you would like to move over to your SD card. Do you simply want to transfer all of your apps over, or do you have specific ones that you want to move?

Step 2
Check to see whether the apps you want to move to your SD card can, in fact, be moved. Note that not all applications on the Galaxy Tab support a move to your SD card.

You can see which ones do support the transfer by going to the home screen of your tablet, opening up the menu, selecting “Settings, and launching the “Application manager.” From there, select the specific app that you want to move. A stats window for that app, including storage data, will open.

Step 3
Look for the “Move to SD card” button. For some apps, it will be grayed out. These apps cannot be moved. If the button can be pressed, though, then you can transfer the app. Go through the apps you want to transfer and press the “Move to SD card” button when possible. Your apps and app data will then transfer over to your SD card!

With so many different things to store on tablets these days, it makes sense that some Galaxy Tab users will want to move their apps to the SD card to free up space. The above tutorial will help you do so in a quick and user-friendly fashion.