Netflix Error UI-800-3: Fix On Amazon Fire Devices


May 11, 2018

Netflix Error UI-800-3 has to do with data on the device
that needs to be refreshed. It could be out of date or corrupted, so refreshing
the information will allow Netflix to work normally on all devices. None of the
fixes below will delete account information.

Sign Out Of Netflix

If the new and fresh data can’t overwrite the old data, then
signing out will do the trick. This is an automated process that is built into
the app as a safeguard, and it should be the first fix you try before the

1. While the error is still on the screen, select “More

2. Select “Reset” to automatically sign out of the app.

3. Log back into Netflix to see if the error is gone.

Clear The App Data On Netflix

This is the long way, but also the foolproof way. Getting
rid of the app data and cache refreshes the installation even better than a
reinstall. There are a lot of steps, but the actual execution is quick.

1. Press the home button on the Fire remote.

2. Scroll until you see the “Settings” menu and then select

3. Select “Applications”.

4. Click on “Manage installed applications”.

5. Find the Netflix app and select it.

6. Press select on “Clear Data” to get rid of the bad

7. Highlight and select “Clear Cache”.

8. Unplug the device for a full thirty seconds.

9. Plug it back in and Netflix should be working again.


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