Prevent HTC One M8 Keyboard from Switching Languages

While using your HTC One M8, there might be instances where you notice that the keyboard automatically switches between languages when you type something. This happens because multiple languages are selected in the ‘language and keyboard’ interface, and the HTC Sense Input feature in the device tries to guess the language you type, especially if you are trying to use English characters to type the words in a regional language.

While sensing, HTC One M8 automatically switches between the languages. If you feel that multiple languages are causing confusion for you while typing, the best solution is to keep your preferred language selected and deselect the other languages. Here is how:

    ■Switch on your HTC One M8 smartphone.
    ■On the Home screen, slide the interface from top to bottom by your two fingers to launch quick settings.
    ■From the opened window, tap Settings.
    ■Once the Settings window appears, locate and tap Language and keyboard.
    ■On the language & keyboard window, tap HTC Sense Input.
    ■On the HTC Sense Input window, tap Keyboard Selection.
    ■From the available list of languages, leave the desired language that you wish to use checked, and uncheck the remaining ones in order to keep the phone from switching between the languages.
    ■Once this is done, you can start using your HTC One M8 and type texts without issue.