Reset Your Android Wear Watch to Factory Settings

If you have messed up all the settings on your Android smartwatch, or if you are planning to sell it, you might want to reset your device back to the factory defaults so you can reconfigure the smartwatch right from the start and/or to erase all your personal information.

In order to reset your Android Wear watch to the factory settings, a few simple steps must be followed that are given below:

    ■Double-tap the screen of your LG G Watch smartwatch.
    ■Swipe the screen upwards and tap Settings.

    ■Once you are on the Settings screen, locate and tap Restart.

    ■On the opened Restart Are you sure screen, tap the green circle representing the OK button with the help of a tick mark.

    ■Once the smartwatch is ready to restart, before the screen light gets dim, slide the screen from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner (I.e. diagonal swipe).
    ■When you are on the FASTBOOT MENU screen, tap the ‘>’ sign from the bottom to select the RECOVERY MODE (text appears in Red color in the middle of the screen).
    ■After this, tap ‘o’ from the bottom to enter into the Recovery Mode.

    ■Once the Android system recovery…. screen opens up, slide the screen downwards to select the wipe data/factory reset option.
    ■Once selected, slide the screen to the right or left to apply the selected option and to reset your watch to the factory settings.

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