Solved! RCA 10 Viking Pro Tablet - did factory reset, still shows has stopped

Sep 4, 2020
I am struggling with a RCA 10 Viking Pro Tablet.

I purchased in 2015, used it for web browsing for a month or two then set it aside. I am in need of using it now and when I powered it up it gave me the notification box of. "Unfortunately, has stopped." I did not have anything really saved on it that mattered to me, so I did a factory reset (Power button + Volume, toggle reset button, power button, toggle down to the "yes" - during this time there was no little android man laying down, like it shows in so many videos). It started back up and still it says "unfortunately, has stopped." Only this time there are no icons available on the screen, so I cannot go to settings.

What advice do you have for me to get this thing running again?

Thank you for your help with this.