Send a Tweet Out On Twitter via SMS

Twitter also allows you to tweet via SMS. In order to use your phone to tweet something on your Twitter account via SMS, your cell number must be associated with your Twitter profile.

You might want to use your mobile phone’s SMS services to tweet something in order to avoid the tedious and lengthy process of signing in to your Twitter account from your smartphone or PC. With your cell number associated with your Twitter account, all you need to do is type the text that you want to tweet on Twitter, and send the text to a particular service number as an SMS. (Service number may vary depending upon the country/region of your residence.)

Note: When you tweet something on Twitter via SMS, the SMS charges may apply depending on your service provider and your plan.

Here is how you can associate your cell number with your Twitter account and post the tweets via SMS:

    ■Sign-in to your Twitter account using your favorite web browser.
    ■On the Home page, click the gear icon from top-right corner.
    ■From the displayed list, click the Settings option.

    ■On the next window, click the Mobile option from the left pane.
    ■From the right pane, ensure that your country is selected.
    ■Provide your phone number and the carrier type you are using in the Phone number and Carrier fields respectively.
    ■Once this is done, click the Activate phone button from the bottom.

    ■Once your phone is activated, a verification code is generated that you must send to 5566511 using your given phone number.
    ■Once done, whenever you want to tweet via SMS, compose a message/status in the text field of your phone’s SMS program and send it to the 5566511 number.

Note: The Twitter short code varies from country to country. For example, 5566511 is used in India. You must check for the Twitter short code for your country to send the text/status to that number in order to post your Twitter tweets.
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