Set up Home Sharing of your iTunes Account

Need to transfer your music library from one computer to another, but don’t want to have to deal with an external hard drive? You’re in luck: thanks to the Home Sharing function that Apple added to iTunes a few years ago, you can easily make your music libraries accessible across your home network. Follow the steps below:

Step 1
Open iTunes and look at the sidebar along the left-hand part of the screen. You will see a “Home Sharing” tab alongside your playlists, the iTunes Music Store, and other items.

Step 2
Select the Home Sharing tab. You will be prompted with a new screen asking for your Apple ID and password. Provide both, and then click the “Turn On Home Sharing Button.”

Step 3
Repeat steps 1 and 2 with each computer on your network, taking care to enable Home Sharing on each with the same Apple ID.

Step 4
Once you have entered your Apple ID and password, you will be taken to a new screen. You will need to click “Done” to complete the process. At this point, the Home Sharing option will disappear from your sidebar. Don’t worry: this is normal. It will reappear once more when you enable other machines for Home Sharing.

With the above steps completed on multiple machines, you will be able to easily transfer content between those machines. It’s an easy way to move music from an old computer onto a new one, or to make sure the entire family has access to your iTunes music.