Stardew Valley - Emily: Guide and Tips


There are many people in Stardew Valley that you can get to know and develop friendships with. The main way to develop friendships in Stardew Valley is to give people gifts and they will like you more. Simple right? Friendships come with a lot of benefits and they can really help you throughout your playthrough of Stardew Valley. There are also 12 special people who are eligible for marriage and to get to that point with them you have to become good friends with them. Emily is one such character. She is the girl next door type and you will find that she is a very sweet and kind girl, a perfect candidate for marriage. She lives with her sister Haley and works at the Saloon but her real passion is making clothes.
Emily’s Schedule:
Emily’s schedule is a little complicated as it changes according to the season. The places she visits are the same but the days change according to the seasons. The one thing that stays the same is Tuesday. On every Tuesday, in every season, she will go to Pierre’s shop to exercise. She does this in every season and she is not alone in that as there are other female characters which do the same.

In spring and summer she only works one day a week. She works on Monday in the spring and in the summer she works on Wednesday. She works two days a week in fall and three days a week in winter. In fall you can find her working in the saloon on Tuesday and Wednesday and in the winter you can find her working there on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. On all the other days you can find her in her house as she does not go anywhere else.

Emily’s Gift Guide:
There are a bunch of gifts that you can give to Emily that she will really like. You can give her Cloth, Amethyst, Survival Burger, Aquamarine, Ruby, Wool, Emerald, Topaz, Jade, Quartz, Daffodil and any items from the Universal Loves and Likes categories.

You should not give her Ice Cream, Spicy Eel, Fried Eel, Salmonberry, Rice Pudding, Maki Roll, Fish Taco, Salmon Dinner, Holly, Sashimi as well as any items from the Universal Hates or Dislikes categories because that will give you negative friendship points with her.

Emily’s Heart Events:
Emily is also one of those people that will send you gifts if your friendship level with her is above zero. The more hearts you have with her the more gifts she will send you. There are also a bunch of heart events which occur with Emily. At 3 and 7 hearts she will send you recipes. At 2 hearts you will enter her dream and at 4 you will see her adopt a parrot that is injured. At 6 hearts she will show you her dance moves and at 8 she will show off the clothes she made at the Mayor’s house. The 10 heart event, as usual, is when she will confess her feelings for you.
Emily is a great person to be in a relationship with as she is bright and sunny and will always find a way to make you happy. Clint is also in love with her though so be prepared for sour feelings from him if you do get married to Emily.