Stardew Valley - Gus; Guide and Tips


There are only a few places where the people of Stardew Valley can gather, meet each other and catch up on what is happening in each other’s lives. The Stardrop Saloon is one such place and the owner of the Saloon is none other than jolly old Gus. Gus is the owner but he works there as well as keeping all the customers satisfied and happy. He also lives in the back of the Saloon and can usually be found there if he is not working. He is also a friend of Pam who visits the saloon regularly as she likes to drink therefore Pam is not only Gus’ friend but also one of his best customers. Emily also works in the saloon and you can find her working there part-time.
Gus’ Schedule:
Gus opens the saloon at 10:00 am and closes it at midnight so that gives you plenty of time to meet him and give him gifts. If he is not in the saloon then you can find him in the Community Center after it has been rebuilt or at the General Store checking out all the new stuff available.

Gus’ Gift Guide:
There are not a lot of things that Gus likes as he has a developed taste when it comes to food so there are only a few items you can give him which will make him happy. You can give him Orange, Diamond, Fish Taco, Escargot, Daffodil as well as any Universally Loved or Liked item.

Whatever you do, you should not give him Wild Horseradish, Quartz, Coleslaw, Salmon-berry, Holly or any Universal Hates or Dislikes.
Gus’ Quests:
Gus’ first quest comes on the 19th of Winter. He will ask you for a Coconut and if you deliver he will give you 600 gold and you will earn a friendship heart with him.

He again asks for an Albacore on the 26th of Winter and if you complete that quest he gives you the same thing. His third and final quest comes on Fall 6th off the second year. He asks for a Lobster and he gives you 500 gold and a friendship heart in return. He also sometimes posts notices on the Help Wanted section in front of Pierre’s house and in those he can ask for anything. If you deliver he will give you thrice the amount of the product as well as 150 friendship points.
Gus’ Events:
There are 3 events which trigger if you have a good relationship with Gus. The first is at 3 hearts in which he sends you a recipe for Salmon Dinner.

The event at the 7th heart is also another recipe. He sends you a recipe for Cranberry Sauce which is great for mining. On the 4th heart however the game will trigger a cut scene when you enter the saloon and you find out that Gus is in financial trouble because Pam won’t pay for her drinks. If you just mention that Gus is having financial trouble Pam will pay up and you will get 50 friendship points with Gus. Keep in mind that you need at least 2 hearts with Pam as well to trigger this scene.
Gus is a great guy to be friends with because of the awesome stuff he sells and the amazing recipes he gives out.