Tips to Fix Light Leak Issues on the Sony A7 and A7R

Some Sony A7 and A7R cameras have experience light leak problems that many believe has something to do with the orange ring coming from the camera’s body and a gap in the lens mount. Whatever causes the problem, there is an easy fix allowing these cameras to take stunning pictures.

Since the problem is associated with the lens mount, there are a variety of measures you could take to fix it.problem:


1. One is to use gaffer’s tape. Gaffer’s tape can be removed from the lens fairly easily,
2. A better solution may be to use hair ties. You can pick up some cheap hair ties at any local retailer, if you don’t have any. You should opt for the ones without any metal.
3. If using the hair ties, wrap them around the small gap between the lens and the camera body. This will help to take care of your light leak problem.

Having a light leak problem with your Sony A7 or A7R will lead to problems with your photos. Light leakage will expose your pictures to extra light. The result may be shadows or reflections in your pictures. While these tips aren't official fixes by any means, they may help you on your quest to take beautiful photos.