Uninstalling Applications in Chrome OS

Like using any other laptop PC or a desktop computer running any other operating system, if you have installed any app in your Chromebook and have used it for a while, it is obvious that you would want to uninstall the program from the computer as well.

Uninstalling an app from your Chromebook running Chrome OS is a simple process.

For security reasons, even if you are logged on to the Chromebook with an administrator account, the operating system prompts for the root password every time you try to perform an administrative task.

Here is how you can uninstall an installed app from your Chromebook:

    ■Turn on your Chromebook running Chrome OS.
    ■From the desktop screen, click Menu (Gear icon) from the bottom-left corner.
    ■From the available list, click the Chromium Web Browser icon from the left-most vertical ribbon.
    ■Once the browser opens up, locate and right-click the desired app that you wish to uninstall.
    ■Click Uninstall from the available options.

    ■Finally, click Remove in the Confirm Removal box to provide your consent for uninstalling the target app.