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  1. B

    (Chrome os) How to make a file open using a certain program.

    My friend is using chrome os but the program for our test requires us to open the notepad download with the program. Usually on Windows etc you would double click or right click and it would open with the program chosen. But the issue is i don't know where in chrome os that is hidden! Thanks for...
  2. O

    Solved! Will Chrome OS recognise my internet card?

    Bit of a specific one but I'm planning on installing chrome os on a pc I have laying around, and wondered how it would deal with the way this pc handles accessing the internet (through a PCI - no express - internet card which attaches via ethernet). If it doesn't work, will usb WiFi adapters...
  3. C

    chrome OS and Roku

    I have a new chromebook and want to cast to my roku express. is this possible?
  4. E

    Solved! Chrome OS on older laptop

    hello. my old laptop is running a bit slow and i read somewhere that installing a Chrome OS would make it run like brand new. I want to try it but i want to know if there are any risks? i have little knowledge about computers but willing to learn a few tricks. my specs are: -Intel Celeron -4gb...
  5. K

    how to connect internet

    i have install chrome os in my old pc and i dont have wifi adapter so how i connect internet in my chrome os pc by lan cable
  6. henrytcasey

    See What Google's Secret Fuchsia OS Looks Like

    Google's making progress on merging mobile and laptop operating systems into a brave new world, according to a report. See What Google's Secret Fuchsia OS Looks Like : Read more
  7. Paul Wagenseil

    Chrome Has a Malware Problem, and Google Needs to Fix It

    Malware is now common in the Chrome Web Store. Unless Google does something, the Chrome browser and OS may become just as unsafe as Android. Chrome Has a Malware Problem, and Google Needs to Fix It : Read more
  8. F

    Asus Black Screen

    My Asus Chromebook flashed the Chrome Os thing from like half a second then went blank screen. It's powered on, but the screen is black and I can't do anything.
  9. S

    acer chrome os

    a vertical thread in the center of the screen light in color
  10. P

    Which is best ubuntu or chrome OS for my laptop?

    I want to know what is best ubuntu or chrome os? Besides internet I love video editing and photo editing and documents works. I have 3 GHz single core processor 2 GB RAM 20GB HARD DRIVE 1360×768 screen
  11. S

    NEED: Chrome OS Help

    I am DIRE need of help with my Toshiba Chromebook. The issue is Chrome OS related. So, I contacted Google Chrome support. I chatted, LIVE, with a support rep., for a REALLY LONG time, only to say (in-the-end) that it was a HARDWARE issue and to contact Toshiba, directly. I have been...
  12. B

    What different Operating Systems are there?

    Are there any other operating systems other than Windows, Mac, Linux (all distributions), Chrome OS and Steam OS? I was just curious.
  13. E

    Removing the "S" in HTTPS so I can use internet.

    So my laptop running IE or Chrome will not connect to websites with https: and it will not allow me to remove the S. If I type the address automatically adds the S and I get This includes websites saved in my favorites or ones that are linked...
  14. J

    Is chrome os good?

    I currently have an acer laptop with windows 10. I am a student at a creative arts school and i take my laptop quite a lot with me to school and it is a little bit heavy. I was thinking of a getting an Acer chromebook 14 since it has a a aluminium build and quite thin and light. I use photoshop...
  15. A

    How to I access the inbuilt firewall in chrome OS 50.02661.103 on a chromebook.

    Hi, I am new to the chromeOS, I have connected the chromebook to another server via an LAN cable and a private 10.x address. I can ping the management address of the other server, but I cannot bring the remote management page up in the chrome OS chrome browser. I need to allow the 10.x...
  16. B

    Any advice for purchasing a new Laptop? Are there any deals?

    I am searching for an ideal budget laptop and primarily concerned with entertainment. I use my laptop constantly for business and pleasure. Work, internet browsing mainly, but also TV/movies and a bit of gaming. I currently have a HP G6 A8, so I am comparing various features to this model. I...
  17. K

    Chromebook web browsing

    Hello, i want to buy my mom a laptop. But since she will only surf online ( watch videos, read stuff) i taught about getting a chromebook. I would use it sometimes too. But what i am not sure about is the video support on the chromebook. Can i watch videos from other websites? For example...
  18. Z

    Chromebook: RAM or CPU speed?

    Hey guys, I read today online that there's a new Chrome OS coming out with a new line of Chromebooks starting Sep 17. For $400 dollars it just struck me as odd that the entry level of a new Chromebook only has 2GB...
  19. Human Being

    Need to remove Any Angle from chrome OS is win10

    Any Angle is making dodgy links all of the chrome browser. Tried using Adwcleaner,no hope. Also uninstalled it from control panel>Uninstall programs,no hope. Now what to do?Any fix out there? Issue occured yesterday.Now want to remove this crap and get rid of it forever.So need a solution. Thanks.
  20. exomonkeyman

    Chromebooks Chrome OS questions?

    Hello there. Possibly looking at getting a chrome book but i have a few odd questions to ask about ti's limitations. ■ Can is copy files from an SD card to a external HDD drive? ■ Can it run steam? ■ Can it run adobe programs (prelude, premiere, light room)? ■ Is it super limited? Help...
  21. B

    does anyone know if eMMC storage is upgradeable

    I have a lenovo n20p chromebook it comes with 16gb of eMMC storage which isn't that much with chrome os preinstalled plus I installed ubuntu. I wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade the eMMC storage or swap it out for an msata ssd
  22. Bahazbz

    My Chromebook uses 80% RAM idle

    My chrome book very recently started having trouble keeping tabs open without having to reload after switching. Now, in the last week or so, it sometimes just reloads everything randomly! I obviously became immediately concerned, so I downloaded the "System app" to check my Ram usage( I assumed...
  23. mprospero

    Chrome On A Stick: $100 Asus Chromebit Announced

    You'll be able to get Chrome OS on your TV this summer, courtesy of the $100 Asus Chromebit. Chrome On A Stick: $100 Asus Chromebit Announced : Read more
  24. S

    Chrome OS Live DVD/ISO

    Where do I download the Chrome OS ISO Live DVD? Mentioned
  25. viveknayyar007

    Installing Chrome OS on a Computer

    You can install Chrome OS on a computer in the following two ways: ■Through a Live DVD – When you download an ISO image of Chrome OS and burn it on a DVD, the DVD becomes bootable. You can use it to boot the computer and start using Chrome OS seamlessly. This way you don’t have to install the...
  26. viveknayyar007

    Manage/Create Drive Partitions in Chromebook

    Chrome OS, has a different filesystem than Windows. If you are not sure about the filesystem that Linux (or Chrome OS to be precise) uses, it is recommended that you pick the default configurations while installing the operating system on your Chromebook and leave the technicalities alone. On...
  27. viveknayyar007

    Uninstalling Applications in Chrome OS

    Like using any other laptop PC or a desktop computer running any other operating system, if you have installed any app in your Chromebook and have used it for a while, it is obvious that you would want to uninstall the program from the computer as well. Uninstalling an app from your Chromebook...
  28. viveknayyar007

    Change the Default Country Settings in Chromebook

    After successfully installing Chrome OS on your computer, there might be instances when you want to change the default country settings in the Chromebook. Changing the default country settings in the Chromebook is a simple process that requires a few mouse clicks. For best results, it is...
  29. viveknayyar007

    How to Take a Screenshot in Chromebook

    Want to show others what is on your screen or save it for reference?The simplest way to take a screenshot in Chromebook running Chrome OS is described below: ■Log on to your Chrome OS laptop. ■From the desktop window, open the screen that you wish to capture. ■Click Menu (Gear icon) from the...
  30. viveknayyar007

    How to Shut Down Chrome OS

    When you're done using a Chromebook, you may want to shut it down. The process is similar to how you would shut down a Windows PC. Here is how you can shut down the Chrome OS in your Chromebook: ■Assuming that you are already running your Chromebook PC, from the desktop screen, locate and click...
  31. CherlynnLow

    Acer's New Chromebox CXI is a Compact $180 Desktop System

    Acer's new Chromebox CXI series puts Chrome OS on your desktop for $180. Acer's New Chromebox CXI is a Compact $180 Desktop System : Read more
  32. K

    Installing Chrome OS on a acer aspire v5-122p. Help?

    Hi tom's people! I have this laptop (acer aspire v5-122p) And its running windows 8, which is quite slow. I would like to install chrome OS on it, and not chromium. I've tried to folow this tut here. But I can't get it to work, do any of you guys have experience in this? Im using hexxeh...
  33. G

    HP Chromebox Comes with Fashion Colors, Core i7 CPU

    Hewlett Packard's upcoming Chrome desktop will come in a variety of fashion colors with up to a Core i7 CPU. HP Chromebox Comes with Fashion Colors, Core i7 CPU : Read more
  34. G

    ASUS Chromebox Brings Chrome OS to Desktop for $179

    ASUS' new $179 Chromebox is a small, inexpensive mini PC running Google's Chrome OS. ASUS Chromebox Brings Chrome OS to Desktop for $179 : Read more
  35. M

    Samsung Chromebox gaming?

    Cause its Chrome os does this mean i'll be able to use steam? or is there the google play store hence chrome is google owned?
  36. exfileme

    Supervised Accounts Coming to Chrome Browser

    Supervised accounts have appeared in the developer channel of Chrome. Supervised Accounts Coming to Chrome Browser : Read more
  37. exfileme

    Samsung Launching Its Own Dev Conference This Fall

    This conference will cover multiple platforms and multiple form factors. Samsung Launching Its Own Dev Conference This Fall : Read more