Update Your Facebook Status Using SMS

Facebook allows you to post status updates on your Facebook timeline via text message.

In order to post the Facebook status updates via SMS using your mobile phone, your cell number must be associated with your Facebook account.

Assuming that you have already associated your cell number with your Facebook account and your number is already verified, here is how you can update your Facebook status via SMS:

    ■Turn on your smartphone.
    ■Ensure that your phone number is added to your Facebook account. (If not, on your Facebook profile, use the down arrow button from the top-right corner of the page to go to Settings > Mobile, click the Add a Phone button on the Mobile Settings page, and follow the on-screen instructions).
    ■Tap the menu icon to go to the apps list.
    ■Locate and tap the Messaging app icon.

    ■On the Messaging interface, tap the pencil icon from the top-right corner to compose a message.

    ■On the Write new interface, in the text field, type the status message that you want to update on your Facebook timeline.
    ■Once done, send the message to the 9232232665 number.


Note: Every country has different Facebook SMS number depending on the region you live in and the carrier type you are using. Therefore, before you try to update your Facebook status using an SMS, you must confirm the number where you must send the SMS. E.g. 9232232665 is used in India.

Note: When you update your Facebook status via SMS, the SMS charges may apply according to your cell number’s subscription plan, and the carrier that is used to send the SMS.