Ways To Reset Your Roku Box

The Roku Box is an amazing piece of hardware that is able to replace cable TVs by offering you a portable device that perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. Despite its greatness, the gadget has its downside as indicated by its potential to freeze with time or to get stuck on a “retrieving” screen thereby necessitating a soft reset. If a soft reset fails to fix the issues, a factory hard reset will efficiently do the trick. In truism, it is not a common occurrence for a Roku digital box to get disoriented to a point that a simple restart will not fix the issue. When this happens however one should not be overly worried as there are simple steps to rest the box without losing much data as the cloud backs up all your apps. The only downside to resetting is that you have to log in to your individual accounts all over again as there is no way to go around this.

The soft reset option
As long as you can navigate through your Roku box menu there is a simple procedure to factory reset the device. Such entails;
• The first step is to find the setting menu icon.

• Navigate to the advanced system settings and choose the option

• Here you find the factory reset option. Click on it.

• The system will avail a code for you on the screen. Enter the code on the screen.

Roku provides this code to you and in some instances requests you to combine a couple of button presses. Follow these guidelines and in a few minutes, your device will be reinstalled to its initial functional state.

Hard Reset Option
A hard reset is a nuclear option whenever a soft reset fails to fix Roku TV issues. It is not by any means, the most effective method but with constant freezes and other software issues that make it hard to make a software reset, this is the best way to go.

• Find The Location Of The Reset Button In Your Roku
The location of the rest button may vary depending on the model. Just like a digital watch, some old Roku boxes require a pin or paper clip to reset. New versions have specific reset buttons, like in Roku Streaming Stick (2016) and Roku 4.
• Hold on the Reset Button until the Gadget Resets
Don’t just hold the button until the screen goes dark because it only means that you have started the device instead of resetting it. For efficiency, hold the button until you see the Roku logo on the Television screen.
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