What Does Each Led Status Light Mean On The HTC Vive Base Station


Apr 25, 2016

Each Led Status on your base stations is showing a different status. If the both of your base stations don’t turn green than there may be some problem. If you want to know the meaning of each color follow the steps in this tutorial.

Step 1. The LED is green

  • ■ If this is the case than the base stations are working properly.
Step 2. The LED is blue

  • ■ If the LED is blue than you will need to wait because it is still stabilizing.

  • ■ If it does not change from blue than you will need to check if they are mounted in the right way.

  • ■ Vibrations can also be the reason to stay stuck in this state
Step 3. The LED is dim green

  • ■ This means that the base station is in standby mode.

  • ■ If the color does not change than unplug and replugg the base stations to fix this problem.
Step 4. The LED is solid blue or blinking purple

  • ■ This is happening when the base stations cannot see each other.

  • ■ Clear the way between them to change this state.
Step 5. The LED is off

  • ■ This means that the LED does not has power.

  • ■ Check if the power cord is plugged in.
Step 6. White color

  • ■ The state is ready.