What to do If Your Fire TV Cube Can’t Hear You

When you have set up your Amazon Fire TV Cube, it is supposed to respond to your voice prompts and do whatever you say like change channels, increase volume and so on. If the Fire TV Cube lights up after your command but nothing happens, there are a few reasons why this may happen. The steps below will tell you what to do if Alexa cant hear you.

1. Speak Naturally
If you distort your voice, it may become difficult for Alexa to hear you and respond to your command. Try speaking naturally as if you are communicating with someone close to you.

2. Move Fire TV Cube Away From Speakers
Amazon recommends that Fire TV Cube should be kept at least one foot away from any speaker. If your TV is too loud, you will need to lower the volume. Loud noise around the Fire TV Cube will make it difficult for the device to hear your wake word or other commands.

3. Press the ‘Action’ Button or Hold the ‘Voice’ Button
Press the ‘Action’ button on the Fire TV Cube which is a button with one dot on it. Alternatively, you can hold the ‘Voice’ button on your remote. Give a command and see if Alexa responds to your command.

4. Say, 'Alexa, I Cannot Hear You'
If you give a command and the light on your Fire TV Cube comes on but nothing happens, it is possible that Alexa may have tried to play audio through a device that is muted or turned off. When you say 'Alexa, I cannot hear you', Fire TV Cube will respond you through its speakers rather than through the speaker of your TV or other audio devices.

Turn on ‘Favor This Device’
If when you give a command other nearby Alexa-enabled devices responds but your Fire TV Cube is not responding, there is one more thing you can do.
  • ■Go to settings using your remote and scroll to the ‘Alexa’ menu. Under this menu you can assign all the Alexa-enabled devices different wake words.

    ■When you open the Alexa menu you will find three options ‘Alexa App’, ‘Things to Try’, and ‘Favor This Devices’. Select ‘Favor This Device’ and turn it ‘ON’. You can also try disabling the microphones of the other Alex-enabled devices or moving them to another room.

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