YouTube Videos Downloaded through IDM Do Not Play

YouTube Videos Downloaded through IDM Do Not Play

Many people face this type of issue while downloading the YouTube videos with the help of Internet Download Manager or IDM. The most likely reason for this obnoxious behavior of the videos might be the inappropriate configuration or corrupt IDM application. Another possible reason for this can be that the video that was downloaded from the YouTube is faulty.

In either case, you can either try reinstalling the IDM application on your computer, or you can go for any third-party add-on extension (such as Ant Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox) that is precisely developed for the web browser of your choice. The best part while going for a third-party add-on extension for your web browser is that most of them are absolutely free, and they also allow you to download the YouTube videos right from the YouTube website interface.

Apart from the above discussed method, you can also try installing and using any free download manager that also has identical features that IDM offers. One such free download managing applications is Orbit Downloader. Orbit Downloader can be downloaded free of cost from its official website and can be installed to download the videos from YouTube or any other such tube site right from the webpage. In order to download the videos from any such site using the Orbit Downloader, you must enable the Grab++ option that is available within the application.

Below is the process explaining how you can download YouTube videos using the Ant Video Downloader after installing the add-on on the Mozilla Firefox web browser:

    ■ Log on to the computer on which Mozilla Firefox web browser is installed.
    ■If not already installed, search online for the Ant Video Downloader add-on for the Firefox.
    ■Download and install the add-on, and restart the web browser to allow the add-on to configure and integrate itself with the Firefox.

    ■Once Mozilla Firefox has been restarted, open YouTube and search for your favorite video.
    ■You will find the Ant Video Downloader downloading options at the top right corner of the YouTube interface.
    ■You can start downloading the streaming video from the YouTube by clicking the Ant Video Downloader icon.

Although Ant Video Downloader is suggested for downloading videos from YouTube, the add-on is also supported by many other streaming video websites, including some of the most popular ones that are generally considered YouTube alternatives.
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