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    Good Performance Laptop for Architecture and Photography Editing $900 budget?

    Hi I was previously a Acer Aspire 15 mx940 user but sadly my laptop was stolen . I am looking for a laptop within my budget that will help me on Architecture software's and rendering such as Lumion and also close colour accuracy for photo editing would like recommendations with a laptop that has...
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    Solved! Architecture student laptop

    Hi, I am an architecture student searching for the best-value PC laptop for architecture applications (ideally 16GB RAM, min. 256GB SSD + 1 TB HDD, min. i7 quad processor). This needs to be a portable, relatively lightweight laptop (13-15 inch) that can handle programs like Adobe, Revit...
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    What kind of laptop would be great for an architect student?

    I'm an architecture student in the market looking for a good laptop that will last a few years. It's got to be sturdy and portable, but also lightweight. I'm not very good with understanding computer specs and such, so I need some guidance finding a laptop that can run programs like AutoCAD and...
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    architecture macbook 2010

    I am going to grad school for architecture this fall and I will be using primarily rhino and the adobe suite for the next three years. I may want to use auto-cad, sketch-up, and less likely revit..but I may want to dabble around in a year or two. My current laptop is a 2010 macbook pro core 2...
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    Should i buy a macbook pro 15" with retina display or Msi WS60 workstation (4K) or gaming laptop

    Hi I was reading different reviews on internet and confused about this article. I am an architecture student and I will be using the laptop for 3Ds Max modeling, adobe Photoshop, adobe lightroom, sketchup and Autocad. My budget is around 3000 Euros. Should i buy a Macbook pro mid-2015 15"...
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    Looking for a laptop to run Maya, Rhino and Grasshopper

    I'm looking to purchase a laptop that will suit my needs for a postgrad Architecture program. We will be rendering mostly on Maya, Rhino & Grasshopper. Are there any recommendations for good, compact laptops with long battery lives? I currently own a MacBook Pro that doesn't have the...
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    Can I download the 32 bit Windows 10 Media Creation Tool on a computer that is 64 bit?

    The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is not downloading correctly on my home computer, which has a 32 bit processor. I had thought to try to download to USB on my work computer, which is 64 bit. When I try to do this, I get a message telling me I have chosen the incorrect architecture. Well, yes...
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    best 2015 laptop for architecture (rendering, 3dmax, rhinocerous, photoshop and so)

    Hi I am an architect and i want the best laptop under 1100-1200$ I am looking for a laptop to do 3dmodeling and rendering and I don't care about gaming performance. the screen is important to me too. also I don't have a wide range of laptops in my country, Iran. so it better be between asus...
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    Cheapest Digital Cameras for Photography, Youtube Videos and blogging?

    My budget is only 200 to 300 dollars. My main use is for taking Architectural photos for my photo collection and for my studies in Architecture school. I also want to use this for taking 1080p HD videos for Youtube videos and also for my life blog. :) The bigger the SD storage the better, and...
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    Picking a Laptop for 3D modeling (Architecture)

    Hello there, I am looking to get a laptop for architectural modeling since I'm an aspiring architect, however I am not to familiar with computer hardware, and so could you please help me with picking a laptop which can run 3DMax, CAD, Rhino, etc. with really fast performance as well as a good...
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    8870 or gt740

    Hey guys, i'm a student of architecture. I'm looking at a laptop for run to these programs: 3dsmax,revit,photoshop and autocad. There are two options in my hand. 1.SAMSUNG i7-3635qm-2.40GHz Intel Core Processor 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD RADEON HD 8870M 2GB DDR5 15.6 "(1920*1080) 2.TOSHIBA i7-4700mq...
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    ADVICE on Best Laptop for 3d modeling, and Rendering (Vray). Under 1500$ ???

    HI, i'm an architecture student who uses autocad, photoshop, rhino, and vray. I need a laptop that can Render 2d images fast and handle 3d modeling. It should be around or under 1500$ and preferably but not necessarily be able to play current games with average settings. Advice on what mobile...
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    best architecture laptops

    need a powerfull laptop capable of handling large size files of revit(50 mb), autocad(25 mb), rhino and photoshop/illustrator. i wont be rendering on it just want the files to run smoothly without lagging, should have minimum 15 inch screen. budget is about 1000$.