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  1. AnonDon

    Question Not able to utilize the full wifi upload speed in HP (EliteBook 840 G5) Laptop

    I have an office HP laptop(Elite Book 840 G5) with windows 10 enterprise edition 64 bit connected to internet through wifi. when I use this particular laptop and do a speed test ,the upload speed is low. But when i use a mobile/personal laptop and apply a speed test , the upload speed matches...
  2. T

    Question How to check if someone on a shared wifi is trying to hack my account

    I use Nordvpn most of the time so that should be ok. If I'm not using the VPN is there a way to see if someone is trying to hack into my account? Sometimes the system gets very slow. show it goes down from 18 to 2. I suspect some sort of program is running that may be trying...
  3. mhyss3

    Solved! Parsec streaming setup for home

    I currently have a gaming desktop with an i7 + rx 580 8gb. I wanted to figure out how I could stream my games over wifi to my laptop. The desktop is connected to a tp-link repeater (WA850REN300) using ethernet and the laptop is connected though the onboard wifi card (Intel). The main home router...
  4. S

    Solved! Streaming problems with coaxial cable.

    Hey streamers! I have problems with my upload . I have got 120/20 MB internet but it is coming through a coaxial cable . i cant stream even in 720p because im losing the packets and my upload as the stream writes jumping from 150 kbps up to the actually bitrate and this plays up and down . Is...
  5. R

    Solved! free software to limit internet bandwidth of programs

    hello I want a free and easy to use software for limiting of internet usage bandwidth of connected programs. i want to limit bandwidth of idm for better speed of chrome and ... . thanks
  6. L

    Different max bandwidths on same brand RAMs?

    I have the same brand and model of RAM which is Corsair 8 GB x2. The problem is, now that I check it in Speccy, I see that one of them has a different max bandwidth. I will provide a screenshot below. When I do a memory check, Windows claims there is a fault within the RAM. I wonder if that will...
  7. Tyler LM

    Oculus Rift USB Bandwidth question...?

    If I have the two main 3.0 sensors on the same Controller with 10ft extenders and the last sensor on 2.0 with a 15ft extender and the HMD on the same controller will I come across issues? My MOBO is a H110M-K from ASUS.... The Sensors need around 76 MB/s of Bandwidth per sensor on 3.0, and on...
  8. N

    Slow WiFi but only on Laptop, perfect on other devices

    Hello, I bought new WiFi adapter- TP- Link AC 1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C7. Internet speed is going really slow on my HP laptop but fast on other devices like phones other laptops and TV. I check it here: I tried literally everything.. My router...
  9. L

    Solved! Floating Point Friendly Laptop

    Needed some help finding a good laptop or laptop build. I listed some requirements below. Please feel free to add in with specific laptops, components, ideas, and/or flame. lots of floating point operations (computational physics stuff) parallel seems to do better on my machine handle bursts of...
  10. knanan

    Windows 10 Delivery Optimization Advanced Options

    New to the Windows 10 Insider Program, build 16237, Microsoft has introduced a way to for users to control the amount of bandwidth used to download and upload system and app updates. These new settings are placed under the Advanced Settings of the Delivery Optimization settings and are ideal for...
  11. H

    Safe bandwidth monitoring program?

    On my previous computer, I used a bandwidth monitoring program called Networx. However, that computer developed a crippling problem (the main hard drive locking up at random, unpredictable intervals). I had the computer tested, and the problem coudn't be identified, except that the hard drive...
  12. firebug11

    Limiting the resources twitch can use

    So say for instance i wanted to run 100 or more twitch tabs without using too much cpu usage but remaining a viewer on all of them. So basically a way of being able to run the streams at a lower bit rate than mobile or even a custom rate for each tab. On each tab i would need to be on a separate...
  13. H

    Maximum memory bandwidth for my laptop

    Currently i have a single 4GB stick of 1600mhz ram in my laptop,however,the maximum bandwidth my cpu can handle is DDR4-2133. How do i find out the maximum my mobo can support? My CPU is an i5-6300HQ.
  14. S

    Someone stealing my network bandwidth?

    Hey everyone! About a week ago I opened My Computer and noticed that there was another computer that I am unfamiliar with named "BRENDANS-PC" that connected to my possible remote desktop connections list. It only took me about 5 seconds to realize that the only way this computer could be added...
  15. H

    Limit Youtube Bandwidth with Linux

    Hi, Currently im using squid to limit bandwidth in my office. But, squid can't go over HTTPS. Is there any method to limit https stream like with linux? Regards, JH. Handi
  16. R

    Some switch with bandwidth control?

    Hi, I have a Cisco router (1200 series) that doesn't have any bandwidth control setting. And I was looking for any switch that allow me to limit bandwidth on each port ( doesn't matter if it is only 4 ports) Any recommendations helps ;) Thanks
  17. T

    Backing up .PST's to the cloud effectively

    Medium sized business 2000 people. Connected HP Backup is used to backup people’s data in HP’s Datacentre. We have 3 sites, 30Mb split across 3 sites, 10Mb each. 700 people per site (not exactly), our bandwidth is all used because of Connected HP Backup. We’re using QoS but due to the amount...
  18. K

    Good free VPN

    Hello, I am looking for a completely free VPN that does not have bandwidth limits. I mainly want to get a vpn that protects me from ISP's looking at what I have been doing/streaming. I also connect to a semi-public network (something like school wifi), so I do not want the owners of the network...
  19. notneps

    Torrent client with the ability to utilize multiple NICs

    I have several internet connections and and want to get the most out of my bandwidth. Are there any good torrent clients that can utilize multiple connections?
  20. P

    Wifi slows astronomically once my Galaxy S6 is connected.

    I have DSL 6mbps connected to a Linksys E2500 router, very good connectivity, and my PC is hardwired to it. I can play 720p videos on 3-4 devices with no buffering. I just got a brand new S6, set it up, synced, and once I connect it to wifi, it slows down astronomically. I can barely load one...
  21. O

    Grendel hosting review

    Hello, Has anyone of you already tested Grendel hosting I need a cheap web hoster with plenty of bandwidth and this one looks pretty Thank you
  22. L

    New headset, Quick respone PLEASE!

    Hello, Firstly i live in the UK and I am looking to buy a new headset and i have narrowed it down the the Corsair 1500v2 and the Astro A40 PC (probably Gen2) im not really sure what the difference is within the Gen1 and 2 the need for urgent is I dont know how long the Astro Sale will last £40...
  23. K

    I am trying to extend my internet about 1000 feet away.

    I am trying to extend my internet 750-1000 feet away. I don't mind using fiber, however what will I need and how will I do it? Would cable be better? I am planning to trench the distance for other reasons and I thought I would do this at the same time. If you have any other ideas, let me know...
  24. A

    phone vs laptop video streaming bandwidth usage

    i want to watch a telesoap on pollystreaming.n my screen res of mobile is 720x1280 full HD IPS screen. n my lappy has HD LED Display (1,366 x 768).will it reduce my internet bandwidth usage if i watch on my phone(using polly streaming app) than on laptop using the same pollystreaming website...
  25. D

    Home Network and internet usage Monitoring

    Hey Guys I live in a house with 6 people all using the internet we only have a 4mb(Down)/500kbs(Up) line. Most of us game online so we try and keep Downloading to a min during gaming time but sometimes there is congestion and i have to go around asking everyone what they are doing to my...
  26. X

    Idiots Crashing my Server/Ways to boost bandwidth

    Hey guys! I currently host a public republic commando server and this idiot keeps joining and spamming the server log. He has multihack and unfortunately, i can't babysit and he can change names. I don't know how to ban ip nodes. I also forgot how to ban people so i look stupid in the video he...
  27. M

    Application to limit iPad's bandwidth?

    I am looking for a PC application to limit an iPad's bandwidth. Every time my brother uses it to watch Youtube videos, I've noticed my ping in a game skyrocket from 80 to ~300 and my internet significantly slower. I've used Netbalancer for throttling applications on a computer, but not one for a...
  28. S

    Bandwidth websites and other problems

    I can't download UDK from unreal's website because it's just too damn slow, I mean 200 BYTES slow. I know however that it's not them because I can download from other applications such as steam for 3.0 MB/s, so my question is; what gives?!?
  29. H

    Data Transfer in Android

    what is minimum net speed and bandwidth required for data transfer from android device to server.
  30. seriousgamer

    Do larger TV's suck up more bandwidth?

    Hello. Im just curious. If im streaming off of youtube for example. Would it suck up more internet (bandwidth) on a 60 INCH Smart TV or on a 23 Inch Computer Monitor? Or is it the same? Thanks!
  31. G

    Google May Build Bandwidth Throttling Feature Into Android

    Google has filed a patent claiming the rights to a technology that integrates bandwidth restrictions inside the software running on a mobile device. Google May Build Bandwidth Throttling Feature Into Android : Read more
  32. J

    Bandwidth Required to stream HDTV

    I need some advise from users. I got sick of Comcast extracting their monthly pound of flesh and cut the cord. Now, Netflix gets $7.99 for all the shows we can stand...almost. We need to watch our favorites on ABC, etc. Problem is, we can't get them to stream properly (if at all) without...
  33. exfileme

    Sony Puts Brakes on Streaming Over Bandwidth Neutrality

    Sony has put its streaming TV service plans on hold, waiting to see what becomes of the fight between Comcast and Netflix. Sony Puts Brakes on Streaming Over Bandwidth Neutrality : Read more
  34. JMcEntegart

    The Pirate Bay to Stop Hosting Torrents

    The Pirate Bay has said it will stop serving torrents in order to save on bandwidth. The Pirate Bay to Stop Hosting Torrents : Read more
  35. C

    What is response bandwidth

    I am seeing ranges in "response bandwidth" from 5 - 100000. What is response band width? What numbers are important? Are any of these numbers out of humans hearing range?
  36. G

    Study: Netflix Hogs Up 32.7% of Internet Bandwidth

    And yet they still do not offer pornography Study: Netflix Hogs Up 32.7% of Internet Bandwidth : Read more
  37. E

    Comcast Notice: Infected with a Bot

    I've been checking our Comcast Bandwidth usage because I know we are close to their 250GB Cap, and this month we were close at 230GB/250GB. So I actually checked the comcast account email to see if they were complaining about us using too much bandwidth only to find these messages saying you may...
  38. exfileme

    Netflix Largest Source of NA Downstream Traffic

    Netflix and BitTorrent are two applications that use the most bandwidth according to a recent report. Netflix Largest Source of NA Downstream Traffic : Read more
  39. Marcus Yam

    Amazon Launches Unlimited Streaming Service

    Another alternative way to use your bandwidth. Amazon Launches Unlimited Streaming Service : Read more
  40. G

    Windows Phone 7 Eats Your Bandwidth Alive

    Microsoft may have a huge problem, literally, with its Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating system. Windows Phone 7 Eats Your Bandwidth Alive : Read more
  41. G

    Level 3 Will Use Stolen Bandwidth for Netflix

    It's not about net neutrality, says a writer who thinks there are less "net neutrality violations" than you think. Level 3 Will Use Stolen Bandwidth for Netflix : Read more
  42. RealityClash

    Steam and bandwidth limiting/ scheduling?

    Hey all, So Ive just seen Dawn of War 2 Chaos rising for half price on steam at the moment which I am pretty keen on. The only thing is that I only get 5GB a month of bandwidth (but I do get free off peak between 4am and 8am) and as far as I know, steam doesnt have a built in scheduler. So does...
  43. lunakitty

    Monitoring web usage for IP address remotely, Help?

    Hello,Im looking for a way to monitor employees web surfing usage and how much bandwidth is being used for each IP Address. We using a zxyel Router and our bandwidth is being chewed up and suspect its being used on web surfing activity, the email usage is high as well. Is there a way to...
  44. G

    Photonics: The End of the Copper Wire Age

    This unlikely marriage of silicon and lasers can give us a data transfer bandwidth of at least 50Gbps. Photonics: The End of the Copper Wire Age : Read more
  45. exfileme

    Virgin Mobile Reveals $40 Unlimited Data Plan

    Despite AT&T capping bandwidth, Virgin Mobile has introduced a prepaid unlimited data plan. Virgin Mobile Reveals $40 Unlimited Data Plan : Read more
  46. exfileme

    BitTorrent CEO: Broadband Has No Regulator

    BitTorrent's new protocol may help regulate bandwidth consumption by its users. BitTorrent CEO: Broadband Has No Regulator : Read more
  47. exfileme

    Facebook Launches "Zero" Mobile Website

    The new Facebook Zero website is for low-bandwidth mobile phones that don't require a data plan. Facebook Launches "Zero" Mobile Website : Read more
  48. exfileme

    Canada Resorts to Net ''Throttling'' as Last Resort

    Canada is cracking down on heavy bandwidth usage by allowing Internet "throttling." Canada Resorts to Net ''Throttling'' as Last Resort : Read more
  49. J

    Detailed bandwidth monitoring

    I'm looking for a program that will ideally monitor both internet and network bandwidth usage. One or the other would be okay. It also needs to show application/process specific usage. Like how much firefox is using, how much a game is using, how much windows update is using. The more details...
  50. G

    Time Warner Axes Tiered Bandwidth Plans

    Caving to consumer groups and public outcry, Time Warner has decided to can its plans to offer tiered bandwidth Internet access. Time Warner Axes Tiered Bandwidth Plans : Read more
  51. groo

    Folding@home acomplishments?

    F@H has been around "forever". Has F@H actualy done anything useful? What research is going un using F@H data? Am I wasting my electricity and general internet bandwidth with F@H?
  52. R

    Cuba Plans Bandwidth Bump, But Restricts Internet

    The country of Cuba will soon have a new high speed internet pipe to play with, but a top Cuba official has confirmed that the general public will still remain restricted. Cuba Plans Bandwidth Bump, But Restricts Internet : Read more
  53. H

    Vuze calls FCC to Probe Cox's Net Traffic Wrangling

    Vuze is at it again it appears--this time going after Cox Cable, seeking an FCC Probe into the way that Cox manages customer bandwidth. Vuze calls FCC to Probe Cox's Net Traffic Wrangling : Read more
  54. exfileme

    AT&T Tests Bandwidth Cap

    While technology giants dream of a larger, faster internet via the newly leased white space spectrum, AT&T is testing bandwidth caps AT&T Tests Bandwidth Cap : Read more
  55. E

    Speakers ~$100, any suggestions?

    I enjoy watching movies on my PC, but do not have a good pair of speakers. I am about to buy new speakers and would appreciate any suggestions. I have already researched and have found some:
  56. G

    Comcast: Same Old Story, But 250 GB Cap Now Official

    Chicago (IL) - Following a slap by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last week, Comcast today said that it will limit the available bandwidth to each of its customers to 250 GB per month. Comcast: Same Old Story, But 250 GB Cap Now Official : Read more
  57. G

    FCC Slaps Comcast, But Lays Foundation For Future Bandwidth Restrictions

    Opinion - Some companies are more equal than others. FCC Slaps Comcast, But Lays Foundation For Future Bandwidth Restrictions : Read more
  58. G

    U.S. Broadband: Desperate Ideas Of An Industry That Resists Change

    Opinion - Reading about broadband giants and their ideas how to fairly distribute Internet bandwidth to its customers over the past two weeks got me thinking. U.S. Broadband: Desperate Ideas Of An Industry That Resists Change : Read more
  59. G

    Time Warner Curbs Internet Usage

    Chicago (IL) - In an effort to curb massive bandwidth usage by its customers, Time Warner Cable has come up with a new old idea - to put a cap on your download volume each month. Time Warner Curbs Internet Usage : Read more
  60. G

    Fujitsu Doubles Bandwidth Of Fiber Optic Network Between North America And Japan

    Tokyo (Japan) - In an never-ending quest for as much bandwidth as possible, Fujitsu and Pacific Crossing announced that they have upgraded the PC-1 trans-Pacific fiber-optic cable mo more than 1 Tb/s. Fujitsu Doubles Bandwidth Of Fiber Optic Network Between North America And Japan : Read more