Wifi slows astronomically once my Galaxy S6 is connected.


Apr 22, 2014
I have DSL 6mbps connected to a Linksys E2500 router, very good connectivity, and my PC is hardwired to it. I can play 720p videos on 3-4 devices with no buffering. I just got a brand new S6, set it up, synced, and once I connect it to wifi, it slows down astronomically. I can barely load one 144p video, the phone itself can barely load anything. I turned off auto backup, smart switch wifi, and nothing helps. I can't find anyone with this problem.

I turned off everything except my PC and the S6, load a game, get 60ms ping, turn on wifi on the phone, and I get over 999ms of ping. What is the problem? I have tried restarting router, phone, resetting network configs on phone, etc. Nothing helps.


Do you have another router to try? You have an N600 router, and this may be too many devices for it, or the phone just may not be communicating well with it. Look for a firmware upgrade for the router, and be prepared to upgrade it to AC1200.