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    Dell Inspiron boots to black screen with cursor

    My aunt gave me a laptop and said that she's had it for almost two years. She also said it was stored away in her closet because she never used it after the original owner gave it to her. I came home, plugged it in for a few hours so the battery was charged, then powered on the laptop. The...
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    Laptop won't start

    Replaced thermal glue in my computer put it all back together computer booted making a loud noise from the fan until it shut itself down after about 30 minutes an now won't start at all. Tried opening up the computer and making sure everything is right but my knowledge of this stuff is pretty...
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    Pavillion dv5000 trys to start but only gets fan for short time then fan stops and all blue lights remain on and cannot turn o

    When trying to start my pavilion dv5000 I have removed the battery, done an hard reboot, restated memory cards and replaced the 2032 battery. I get sounds of fan for a second or two and the blue lights and then fan stops, I indicate blue light for Hard Drive but no sounds ands lights are all...
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    help me repair my lenovo b590 20208-wrong BIOS flash

    hello there folks,I have just recently managed to accidentally flash wrong bios file on my notebook lenovo b590 model 20208 (intel i3,gma4000). It was maybe the same brand (phoenix i think) but the file was meant for some server MB with totally different chipset, I flashed under windows so at...
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    When I type alt+F10 then it not works. There is a message Goavh is compressed. Press Ctrl Altr Del for restart. nothing else.

    I have a problem in my laptop Acer aspire 4250. When I started Pc then it shows- Goavh is compressed. Press Ctrl Altr Del for restart Then what I should to do for fixing this problem can you help me please?
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    windows 7 stuck at black screen in lenovo G50-70

    I had windows 8 in a pretty bad condition so i installed windows 7 ultimate 64x from my D :/ drive from its setup. It said it "windows will create a folder named "windows.old" that would keep all the file of the previous os. The installation started in C:/ drive and everything went well. The...
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    Acer aspire S3: black screen with cursor after restoring image

    Hi there, whatever I do: "F2", "Alt F10" or "Ctrl I" the result is just a big cursor at the upper left side on the screen - not even blinking. BIOS is not accessible. Pressing "F12" results in a menu: HDD and USB device or alternatively external CD-ROM - but none of them is booting. Downloaded...
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    Lenovo Z570 Ideapad Windows 7 boots to black screen

    Hello everyone. :) First time posting on this forum, although I frequently lurk posts that I find interesting or helpful. Recently my Lenovo Z570 laptop has not been booting. When I turn on the computer, it displays the "Lenovo" screen, followed by black screen. After awhile, there is a Windows...
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    Dell Latitude D820 boot issue

    Hi! This is my first post on this forum, even tho I've been finding solutions for my hardware related issues here for a long time. I Have found this laptop sitting on a garbage bin as I was taking the garbage out so I took it (I do not dumpster-dive or do similar stuff, this was just a dumb...
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    advice on what to do with Alienware m17x r3 with a fried Mobo

    I have inherited an Alienware m17x R3 that seems to have a fried motherboard. What I know about it is that it was sent back a little after purchase and the first motherboard was replaced. It was sent back again about 2 years ago and "everything was replaced" (I don't know what this means...
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    Laptop only powers up but doesnt boot (no bios screen)

    Hi! My ASUS X55A doesn't even show the BIOS screen (screen is completely black), it just powers on and the led for the hard drive blinks and it maintains stuck there with only the power led burning and the fans turning. I was changing my SSD from the CD-ROM slot to the main slot (I only have...
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    Laptop turns on but won't boot.

    I have Lenovo Y510p which was exhibiting LCD cable problems (inverted/wrong colors when bending the lid under certain angles). The laptop was still under waranty so I sent the fully functional machine for repair. I lost the warranty because the technician found traces of fluid in the laptop. I...