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  1. B

    Battery charges, but laptop won't turn on

    I... have a Packard Bell laptop. It's... not the best. Used it for 3 years, I had to have it repaired 7 times, 6 of which was with the same problem: the power jack receiving socket had bad wiring. On the last occasion I didn't take it to the repairs, since they gave it back again and again, each...
  2. T

    Black screen on startup, can't enter BIOS or any other startup menus... Any advice?

    Hi there, posted this on toms hardware but think it may be better suited here (apologies if not the done thing!)... Toshiba laptop s50-b-15q Intel i7-5500 16gb RAM AMD r7 m260 Graphics card Have had significant boot-up problems since the recent W10 creators (fall) update, with an average boot...
  3. D

    M18x R2 Three Beep Error Code, no-post.

    Hello, A little over a year ago, I was fishing around to upgrade my old Lenovo laptop and took an interest in the old Alienware models and their large “built like a tank” sizes like the M18x R2. I’ve read up on a number of users experiences of folks still using this laptop today and figured a...
  4. T

    Help required regarding checking media error

    Hello everyone! I have been using Lenovo Y-40 for over a year now but recently i got the "Checking Media error". it says default boot device missing or boot failed. I just want to know what this error is and what causes it. And how to fix this. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  5. H

    HELP! my son's Tablet is reseting and won't boot up.

    My son's Tablet modle no. NXA8QC116B will turn on and give the nextbook with powered by Android at the bottom and then go to the flashing nextbook logo for ever or go to a optimizing apps screen with different number starting but always a number of 15 when that completes it sometimes goes to the...
  6. SmolBean

    Acer Laptop Stuck On Boot Logo

    My Acer laptop won't start loading when it boots. It's just stuck on the Acer logo. I can't get into bios, and because it won't start loading, I can't get to the troubleshooting thing either. Pleaaaaaase someone help omg. I need my memes back. I've done a bunch of googling but nothing has...
  7. S

    Samsung bootmgr is missing

    Hi All !! Need help !! After re-installing the windows 7 on my samsung 700z3a it's not booting the windows .. it's just showing bootmgr is missing .. Things i tried !! 1- Installation of different window iso 2- already did system repair 3- already did that cmd "command "rebuildbcd" windows...
  8. K

    Laptop will not BOOT UP

    I know for a fact this is not a hardware issue. So let's rule that out. Nevertheless, what I am trying to do is install a brand new windows 10 on my hp sleekbook 15. The thing is when I plug it in and use it as a boot drive. It only comes on as a black screen. Nothing else. I am able to enter...
  9. D

    Laptop Fan Fails

    - Model: HP 655 - Win: 8 Ultimate 64x - Bios: Latest version - Issue: Bios warns about cooling system saying it's risky to keep laptop on. - Observation: Laptop fan works for a sec then stops for 10 (not precise) and this goes on till the temp increases badly. - Question: Is this a cooling...
  10. N

    Asus Laptop Shuts Off Randomly After Boot; Screen Flashes Colors. Is My Motherboard Dead?

    I recently gotten a second hand ASUS N56VB-S4050H laptop and it was working just fine for the first few days. Perfectly in fact. Here are the specs: Cpu: Intel core i7 3630QM GPS: GeForce GT 740m + Intel HD Graphics 4000 Ram: 4GB HDD Space: 500GB OS: Windows 10 Last night I was having some...
  11. G

    How can I fix laptop logo/boot loop?

    When I start up my laptop the samsung logo comes up and after a few seconds goes to a black screen and a few seconds later it goes back to the logo and it keeps repeating this forever. I have tried many of the common BIOS keys and none of them brought up anything.
  12. I

    ASUS K53E laptop sudden shutdowns / no boot now

    I have an asus laptop it is randomly shutdowns suddenly and randomly accepts to turn on rather than immediately power off after I press the power button. I had disassembled it but with no hope I changed the thermal paste of the processor and cleaned all of it from dust(wasn't much) I tried...
  13. Y

    MSI GS63VR 6RF: My laptop suddenly froze in the middle of competitive gaming of Overwatch and now I cant get past the MSI logo

    MSI GS63VR 6RF: My laptop suddenly froze in the middle of competitive gaming of Overwatch and now I cant get past the MSI logo. My laptop froze in the middle of competitive gaming of Overwatch. I tried ctrl+alt+del and alt+f4 and stuff like those but got no response whatsoever. I decided to...
  14. R

    Need help Pc won't turn on

    Hi, last night my pc just restart and showing that it is uploding software when it is done my pc shows that the pc can not complete its update i wait for while about 3 to 4 hours and when it did nt do its update i just pick out the battery and again insert it but it did n't shows the display and...
  15. C

    New HDD not detected after shutdown, fine after a restart

    If there's anything that needs further clarification, don't hesitate to ask. The Summary: There's an HP laptop loaded with Windows 10, Windows 10 told us we needed to replace the HDD. I cloned that HGST HDD to a new Seagate HDD of identical spec with identical partitioning and made it bootable...
  16. D

    EeePC 2G Surf not charging.

    I have a EeePC 700, took it apart like 21 times. A week ago it stopped charging. The charger is producing the high pitched tone (this means the laptop is not cosuming any energy, thus leaving the transformer with no load), charging LED is not lit. Tried to check the connection with the...
  17. Z

    Old Dell USB Bootloop

    I recently bought a used Dell E6410 (specs at bottom of post) and the seller said all the hardware fully worked, but the hard drive was wiped. Unfazed, when I got the laptop I set out to install windows XP from a 64GB Usb3.0 flash drive I had laying around. I already used it once successfully...
  18. T

    Toshiba Satellite L355D-s7825 won't boot

    Hello, I have a Toshiba satellite L355D-s7825 that have Windows vistas operating system. I was recently using it and it just shut down on my. The screen was black but was still lit up. Now when I power it on the screen doesn't come on at all. The power light comes on and so does the fan but...
  19. S

    Toshiba Satellite laptop doesn't turn on

    My Toshiba Satellite L50 - B931 is about 2 years old and a few months ago it started to take longer to boot up, like 10 minutes or so and then it started to take much longer from like an hour to 3/4 hours, and during that time the screen was off but the power button was lit up and when it did...
  20. W

    Laptop boot loop => motherboard or HDD failing?

    Hi everybody, I have a 17" Toshiba Satellite from 2011 that has become flaky in recent months. The problem only manifests itself during boots (or reboots). Occasionally - like maybe 1 time in 10 - it will reboot fully and work without a hitch. Most times (9 / 10) the motherboard will POST...
  21. A

    USB and Optical Drive not available in Boot Menu

    Hi All: First of all, this community has been a lifesaver previously -- I cannot count the number of times I have found solutions here, so first, thank you. I am home on vacation at my parents house and, as is often the case, am finding myself wanting to run as thorough an antivirus scan as...
  22. K

    Laptop shuts down after a few seconds (no image shown)

    Hello all, and I apologize in advance if I'm not posting this on the right thread. I have a Sony vaio VPCCB2Z8E (from 2011) with the following specs: Chipset Intel® HM65 Express Intel® Core™ i7-2620QM 8gb ram ddr3 Being and old laptop I know maintenance has to be on point and I noticed I was...
  23. J

    Lenovo Ideapad 500... ruined?

    I'm sorry if there's any grammar mistake. English isn't my first language. Got this laptop on Dec 2016, Windows 10, core i7, and I've been using it a lot since then. I used KMS Pico for Office, because that's how my school's computer got Office too, and I was the one who installed it on a lot...
  24. D

    Bootloop on Selfbuilt Win 7 PC

    Hey guys, I've built a PC mainly out of new parts. The only thing I've done is take the HDD and RAM from my old PC. Now that everything is done being put together I've done as the motherboard manual requests to put in and start the driver installation disk. After that I get a menu to create a...
  25. D

    lenovo boot problem

    pxe boot failure how to get cmos screen in lenovo g50 laptop
  26. D

    Notebook Not Booting, Black Screen

    Hello there, My Asus X550LB does not boot anymore. All I get when I press Power button is complete black screen. Syptoms that I face: - Black screen - GPU fan is working - Caps Lock and Num Lock leds are always ON, its impossible to turn them off by pressing. - HDD works fine I tried...
  27. MuzzyDeath

    HP Pavilion G4-1318DX No Boot

    As stated, my HP Pavilion G4-1318dx will turn on, but the screen stays black, not off, black. The f12 key does have its amber light on, and the power light is on. However, I am looking to find a way to know for sure if the CPU is out or if it is the main board, I have done every option that does...
  28. S

    Lenovo Thinkpad E560 Not booting

    Hello Everyone, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E560 and my problem is the following: When i turn on the machine i have the standard lenovo greeting screen and the line that says: To interrupt normar starting sequence press Enter, but it doesn't matter if i press anything or not. I always get the...
  29. C

    C850D wrong bios ( insyde bios, probably from Toshiba C875D? )

    Hi all, Toshiba C850D-11C (PSCC2E-00h00nn5) freeze after POST, after 0 key (hd recovery), without any info on CSM(just toshiba logo and frozen post, numlock frozen, i can enter bios if i fastpress f2 first 1-2 sec after turning on pc ) and with "no booting device"(picture 1) on UEFI settings in...
  30. S

    Laptop sometimes doesn't find boot device

    Hi My Laptop Asus G750JM has issues with booting. Sometimes when I turn on my laptop it just goes straight in to a blue screen. And when i go into the bios it doesn't find any bootable device. even when i turn it on and off several times it cant find anything. sometimes after few weeks or so ...
  31. A

    Shutdown by itself after 20-30 seconds

    This is my problem: I uploaded on yt because i dont' know how to explain this. Hp envy 17 j141nr Specs: 2.4GHz 4th generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz 16GB DDR3L SDRAM (2 DIMM) NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M switchable graphics with...
  32. M

    help I bricked my dell inspiron 5555 during bios update, no boot, no bios

    dell started overheating it seemed at frozen bios update, made the dumb split decision to power it off after the fan was going full speed for a good amount of time and I could feel plenty of heat from the keyboard. help please I just bought this thing and now its useless
  33. J

    Windows can't boot when a hard disk is installed

    Help , my windows can't boot once i connect the sata table to one of my hard disk.Windows can start normally when i removed that hard disk.I found my hard disk retailer to check the hard disk but it show it's healthy, i have no idea to it
  34. C

    Toshiba Satellite C55 wont turn on

    My Toshiba Satellite won't turn on and I'm not sure as to why. The charge LED says its charging however when I press the power button, it turns on and then off multiple times before shutting down again. I've tried removing the battery and charger and holding the power button for 20 seconds and...
  35. O

    Laptop Cmos Reset help

    Hi guys I recently opened up my 5 years old HP Pavilion DV7 - Intel Core i5-2410M, 8GB to clean out the fan and reapply thermal paste to the CPU. So after I was done cleaning and I tested to see if it turns on. It turned on but I got a screen saying something about CMOS reset and I actually...
  36. E

    Macbook pro no longer boots!

    I have a Macbook from 2013 which has never had any issues, however it froze recently and upon manual restart I am greeted by a grey folder with a question mark in it. I have tried swapping the HDD for one which I know works and same issue. I am able to boot its hard drive if I connect it via USB...
  37. T

    Screen causing boot failure

    Hi, I have a Hp pavilion 9700 laptop. When I try to turn it on with the inbuilt screen plugged in I get nothing. When I disconnect the screen and connect an external monitor it's fine. Can this be fixed and if so how? Thank you all again. Tom
  38. M

    My laptop, Acer One 14 Z140, Windows 10 is stuck in Aptio Setup Utility version 2.17.1249

    My laptop is Acer One 14 Z1402 running on windows 10 with BIOS v1.06 and have been stuck in aptio setup utility version 2.17.1249 since the morning... Many techniques and fixes that I've seen are for Asus and which included csm laun or something which my boot doesn't have.. Here is a youtube...
  39. D

    Boot BCD 0xc0000034 help

    This keeps giving me a failed to start and Hardware or software change might be the cause to fix the problem it is telling me that I need a installation disc and restart the computer but I don't have a disk drive so I don't know what to do
  40. K

    Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 GTN8013 Not booting

    Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 GTN8013 Not booting. Allowed to charge for over a day. Tried all of the button pushing methodology to no avail. Replaced battery and cable from charging port to board. Tablet is used so who knows what terrible acts were performed on it before I purchased it. Any ideas as...
  41. I

    Gutting a laptop

    My Toshiba satellite C55t C5300 got wet. I didn't know it & sent it in on a warranty repair because it kept telling me NO BOOTABLE DRIVE PLEASE INSERT DISC. Not a warranty issue they want to charge $419 to fix. I figured since it's dead anyway I'd attempt to fix it. The motherboard seems to be...
  42. D

    Acer Aspire E5-473g black screen

    So I was using the laptop late at night for music and I fell asleep fully draining the battery. Now today I plugged it to its original charger. Then tried to start the laptop, led flashed blue heard the fans spinning felt the hard drive spinning even pushed the dvd port open and it responded by...
  43. T

    My acer e1-571 won't turn on out of nowhere

    Hello, I have left my laptop at home for 5 days of not using it and kept it plugged into the charger. After coming back home yesterday I have found it not to be turning on. I plug it in to the charger, the orange light stays on. Then I proceed to turn it on with the power button and the blue...
  44. E

    Laptop won't turn on after restart

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my laptop Acer Aspire 5349 (Windows 7) as it won't turn on immediately after restart. It kind of starts booting for one second but something clicks and it turns off, and when I press the power button it acts the same so I have to disconnect the charger and battery...
  45. J

    HP 455 g2 won't start

    Hello, My HP 455 G2 (with AMD CPU)laptop won't start. 1. Two weeks ago incident happened I infuse my PC with water, after then PC won't start 2. When I press power button, display stays black, but flashes num + caps lock and after few seconds cooler starts work very fast and loud 3. I do remove...
  46. B

    Acer V3-572P-51BA wont boot after reset

    I'm new here, but I recently tried to reset my laptop, on Windows 10 and after reaching the 'Reset 100%' I assume it gets resetted but I get that white dotted circle spinning. It's out of warranty and i've contacted Answersby and they said it's not a hardware issue, but a software issue. They...
  47. M

    Dell Inspiron 14z won't boot up and gives 2 beeps.

    I have a dell inspiron 14z .The laptop's battery is dead and something wrong with the power of my laptop because when I shut it down the screen stays on but the HDD lights stop ,and this is how I normally shut it down , I just wait for the HDD lights to stop then remove the power cord. Now I...
  48. J

    BOOTMGR is missing (another Windows version disc available only)

    Hi. I have Windows 10 installed in my computer. A few days ago I tried to resize my partitions and I messed up some configs... I made a mistake and put a partition (the one without OS) as my initializing partition. So when I restarted the computer, it showed up the error: "BOOTMGR is missing...
  49. J

    Alienware m17x r4 no post problem

    Hey Guys new here, I've been looking forever for a solution to my laptop's problem and I need help. It's a Alienware m17x r4 2014 model with i7-4800MQ cpu, modded 970m 6gb gddr5, 16gb ram, 80gb ssd+ 320gb hdd and windows 8.1. Bought this while back around 2015 for the school year. The story is...
  50. J

    Laptop wont boot after restarting it when connected HDMI-to-TV; white screen when connected to TV/Monitor, black screen as is.

    I apologize ahead of time for the long post but I want to provide as much procedural details as possible. Thank you for hanging with me. Note that I am not terribly computer savvy but I know how to google, so I will do my best to research before asking overly simple questions. I've done my best...
  51. T

    Lenovo T410 beeps 5 times on startup, pauses, beeps 5 times again; unable to boot

    Hello everyone. I have a Lenovo T410 and for some time now it has been unable to boot to desktop. Every time I power it on, it makes 5 short beeps, pauses, and another 5 beeps before showing the Thinkpad screen for a few seconds. After that, the screen goes black and the process repeats...
  52. C

    Toshiba Laptop (C55-A5302) Won't Boot After Attempted Factory Reset

    So I'm trying to prepare my laptop to sell it. I figured that doing a factory reset wouldn't brick it but I guess there's a first time for everything. I can still open the Windows 10 recovery and BIOS. However, when it attempts to boot it goes to the Toshiba logo, flashes black, and goes back...
  53. J

    [HELP] EXP GDC Problem (No new hardware were detected, wont boot-up)

    Recently i bought a new EXP GDC ( ) for my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E430. my current situation is when i use the m-PCIe to HDMI cable connect into my M.2 m-PCIe port and connect to the EXP GDC HDMI port, it actually boot-up, GPU...
  54. P

    ASUS ROG Laptop SSHD Issues - Failing to Boot into Windows

    Hello, I am currently having some issues wit my laptop - an ASUS RoG G551JW. It runs Windows 10 and features a 2.5 inch SATA SSHD. The operating system was installed on the 128GB SSD partition, while the other 2 HDD partitions I used for storage. Basically, yesterday it suddenly crashed with...
  55. M

    Need help with getting Asus laptop to boot into Windows (failed reset, stuck at logo)

    Hi, my little cousin's laptop was initially Win 8, but they updated it to Win 10. My uncle contact me & asked me to have a look at it as it was running slow. So I took possession of it. It was taking 5 mins to boot & even when it got into Desktop, I couldn't click on anything as the pointer was...
  56. H

    Reboot and select proper boot device error

    So a nice surprise upon starting my laptop today after it having worked fine for all of yesterday. It goes straight into the message “reboot and select proper boot device” Tried to reboot a few times but got the same error so loaded up into my BIOS. I thought that I would just need to adjust...
  57. T

    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro - stuck in reboot loop before POST

    Having a terrible time with a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (i7, 256GB SSD, dual boot Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 16). I get power and keyboard lights, but no POST and no change to the screen. After a few seconds the keyboard lights turn off. A few later the power light does. Then its off for a few, then it goes...
  58. A

    Bios reset. Cmos. Broken keyboard.

    Hello everyone. Laptop: Asus K55VJ OS: Windows 7 I am unable to boot my laptop. I must highlight one of the two options to allow windows to boot. However, laptops keyboard is broken and I have installed different drivers to disable it completely. I have been using external usb keyboard with...
  59. R

    Asus k55vm not turning on (power light and fan is on)

    Hi I have 2year old k55vm-sx86d I recently received the caddy for the second hdd I was checking the bios for the detection of the drive (not detected) The problem with k55vm- the power on green is on no other lights are moving or anything not even NumLock(how did that happened I put a bios...
  60. A

    Can't seem to figure what is wrong with my Lenovo laptop

    I bought a Lenovo laptop a year ago, and it worked fine until about two months ago. It has in it's lifetime endured a fall to the groud, but didn't really decrease in performance after this. Then, a while back it took a blow to the harddrive, which broke. I then changed the harddrive to a new...