Acer Aspire E5-473g black screen


Oct 26, 2016
So I was using the laptop late at night for music and I fell asleep fully draining the battery. Now today I plugged it to its original charger. Then tried to start the laptop, led flashed blue heard the fans spinning felt the hard drive spinning even pushed the dvd port open and it responded by opening. Now the screen is still black. No acer logo. Tried even connecting it to an hdmi monitor no vga monitor at the moment but still no luck.

I have read other posts about it. Tried fully charging it then making it start. Connecting it to other monitors in my case to the tv using hdmi. Hard resetting it( non-removable battery, so pushed the battery reset using pin)

The only thing I think haven't tried is flashing the bios but I'm too scared to do it, thinking I'll do more harm to it.

The only major thing I did to it is changing the os from win 10 to 7.
It sounds like the graphics card is gone. I only say that because you said both the attached display and the external monitor won't show you anything. If it was just the attached display, you would get something on the external monitor. That is, if you connected it while the laptop was off, and then turned on the laptop after the monitor was connected and turned on first. If that is the case, I would say graphics. Which will probably mean replacing the motherboard.


Oct 26, 2016
Update: I noticed that as it shuts down. I could see thick horizontal white lines that you could barely see and fade quickly.

@webworkings, is that 100% sure? Bc I just left it on the couch until I presume it got drain and shut itself. Bc it showed no signs of a dying graphics card. The only time I got a blue screen is only once.
If you can see on the screen now, or see on an external monitor, then you may well be good. Perhaps it was just a temporary overheating issue. However, if you still can't see on the attached display, nor an external monitor, then yes I would stick with what I stated before.

You are free to ask others here and if anyone is reading the thread, please do chime in. :)
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