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    Difficulty in booting from SD card

    My laptop has no DVD drive, and I had a lot of SD cards so I decided to use one to install an OS. I put the SD card into an SD to USB adapter. Using a software called Universal USB Installer (the one from , I copied an iso onto an SD card. It was successful. After this, I...
  2. M

    Lenovo Yoga 13 Will Not Boot

    Hello all. This is probably a duplicate of some kind; but I have scoured dozens of threads and there are often a few varying details. So here goes ... For the past couple of months, my Yoga 13 was sometimes refusing to wake up after being in sleep mode. Usually, a hard restart works; but...
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    please delete this

    please delete this
  4. R

    Toshiba laptop won't boot sometimes after win 10 upgrade...

    First of all it is my friend's laptop which I am talking about. He owns an around five years old Toshiba laptop, which he upgraded from win 7 to win 10 three weeks ago. Since then the laptop occasionally starts up with "no bootable device found"-message. He resets it and it starts up just fine...
  5. A

    ASUS N551V boot issue

    Hi there, first time posting here because i cant seem to find the problem to my issue. Yesterday, my laptop, an asus n551v series, worked perfectly. Browsing, gaming, watching videos, you name it, I could do it. Today, it wouldnt boot up while having only the battery in. I am pretty sure the...
  6. C

    Acer minilaptop wont boot, fan stop after few seconds

    Hello, i have a problem with my mini laptop and i hope you guys can help me. The problem is that for some reason my laptop stoped working, every time i press the power button it turns on and the led on the bottom of the keyboard turns on too, but the screen is black and windows wont load. On...
  7. S

    Fresh install of Windows 10 in Acer Laptop

    Hello My existing HDD in my Acer Aspire 5740 MS2286 laptop has bad sectors, so although it is booting, I am unable to clone the same to my SSD So I think I will have to do a fresh install of the software on a new SSD. I plan to make a bootable USB and download the Windows 10 from Microsoft and...
  8. S

    Asus G75VX Random Shutdown

    Asus G75VX powers off at random times through out the week. Also, the computer will not boot unless it is attached to an external monitor. Once it has booted, I can disconnect the external monitor and the internal display now works. Any ideas or suggestions?
  9. B

    Toshiba Satellite C660-2G9 Laptop Beeps Continuously and Intermittently. Why?

    My Toshiba Satellite C660-2G9 Laptop Beeps Continuously and Intermittently. Why?
  10. A

    post problem on lenovo g500

    When I turn on the light blinks and continues to the post. What can I do?
  11. R

    I cant access my HDD on my computer and i dont understand my BIOS and boot menu - HP LAPTOP

    Hey everyone I have a HP Elitebook Folio 9470m and in the start up menu (BIOS menu, i think), on the system properties, i see that i have a 500GB Toshiba HDD. The problem is that when i go to my computer i cant see it, and when i go to the Computer Management menu under Disk Management i only...
  12. J

    acer aspire sw3-013 hangs in the bios

    I have an acer aspire sw3-013 hangs in the bios. I want to reinstall windows 8 in it. when I access the bios setup to make some configurations, it accesses but nothing responds while I’m in the bios. I mean when you tap on an option nothing responds. Could you please help me out?
  13. P

    Toshiba Satellite c55-a laptop Reboot Loop

    I rebooted my toshiba satellite c55-a laptop. It worked last night but this morning it' keeps looping back to the Microsoft Winodes factory restore screen. How can I fix it?
  14. R

    Acer Aspire E15. Windows10. Corei5

    I have a problem with laptop with the above mentioned model. The problem is, after I installing "Chrome Cleanup Tool", my laptop restarting and after that there is a message "No Bootable Device" and I don't know what to do. Thanks
  15. A

    Acer laptop won't boot or go in to advanced setup options

    I've tried doing it with a USB. I'm sure I've done what I am required to do in order to launch from the USB that is. It will enter the Acer loading screen and start loading, then go to a black screen. I'm not sure what to do.
  16. R

    Safe Mode Not Available on Bootup

    I've got a Windows 7 Dell Inspiron N1070 I need to fix up, but for some reason I cannot access safe mode. I've obviously already used F8 on bootup, and got this far. However, annoyingly, I only have only two options: start Windows normally and startup repair. How can I access safe mode? I...
  17. Johnny5

    Troubleshooting Power Issues with Your Laptop

    This guide is intended to troubleshoot and resolve booting issues with your laptop. At the end of this troubleshooting guide you should know why your laptop will not longer turn on. ■ Start with a Hard Reboot Remove the battery and unplug it's AC adapter then press and hold the power button...
  18. Johnny5

    Troubleshooting Power Issues with Your Laptop

    This guide is intended to troubleshoot and resolve booting issues with your laptop. At the end of this troubleshooting guide you should know why your laptop will not longer turn on. ■ Start with a Hard Reboot Remove the battery and unplug it's AC adapter then press and hold the power button...
  19. D

    Toshiba L50. Shuts-down after a few Seconds

    Hi my Toshiba L50 PSKT4E keeps shut downing after a few Seconds when turned on I took out the Battery and held the power button for 30 seconds + -> No Joy I also removed the HD Disk and Disk Drive along with the Ram and still no luck, i also took apart the Cooling System and cleaned it and...
  20. S

    my laptop switches off of while booting

    When I turn on the laptop it starts to boot, but within 6-7 sec again it switches off. What can I do? Someone said I should try to format the OS, but how will that happen when it doesn't switch on?
  21. L

    Asus x553s Laptop has booting issues

    Hi, I bought a new Asus x553s. It worked fine till today. Now, it won't turn it on correctly - the desktop does not light up. I have tried to hold the power button for 30+ seconds over and over, but it did not help. I can't take out the battery because it is internal. The notebook does turn...
  22. N

    Startup Issues with Dell Inspiron 1501

    When I turned on my Dell Inspiron 1501, only 2 lights at the top of the keyboard are on. What's happening?
  23. L

    HP Elitebook 8770w Not Booting and Has No Video

    Hello. I have an Elitebook 8770w that is not booting nor outputting video. Immediately after plugging in the AC adapter, the machine powers up on its own and the fans run at 100%. In addition, the keyboard backlighting briefly works. Front panel LEDs on solid are power and hard drive, with the...
  24. S

    Black Screen on Asus Q501L at Start Up

    Hello everyone, When I boot the laptop I can see the screen light up in the background but no video. When I try to access the bios it comes up very clear. However, when I click yes to enter the bios I get several lines on the monitor and then bios etc. Any help would be great.
  25. P

    Laptop suddenly shutting off

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum but I really need to get some advice/help fixing an issue with my laptop. I own an Asus ROG G750JM and I bought it back in April of 2014. I also have windows 10 installed. I haven't had any problems up until recently with my laptop. The thing is, the issue only...
  26. R

    Laptop loses SSD in Caddy on restart - HP G198ca

    I installed a SSD via the odd slot on my laptop, and I have also done this with every laptop I have owned. If i plug the ssd in while the laptop is on and running the ssd opens up no problem. But If i reboot its gone. Until i take it out and put it back in while its on. The laptop I am...
  27. J

    Start Up Issues - Dell XPs 130 Laptop - Windows

    I can't see the dell logo at startup. The processor fan spins for 3 seconds and stops. There is a LED indicator on front indicating MB is good in my dell xps 130 laptop. If there is gpu issue my cpu fan has to spin and if i connect to external display it has no display. so i think there is no...
  28. J

    HELP PLEASE ASUS UL30A running Windows 10 64 bit - black screen underscore flashing

    Hi guys! Not sure what else can I do. I've tried nearly every trick I could find online and from friends to possibly clear this. Been unsuccessful in all cases. I'm not very good with computers. A friend suggested to try this as I don't know anyone who could help with good instructions...
  29. A

    Reboot or select proper boot device

    I had problem with my laptop. I already opened my BIOS setup and when i opened on the boot menu there's no HDD on my boot option. Please save me and my laptop T.T
  30. 1

    Toshiba Satellite I can only get to my desktop through safe mode.

    My Toshiba will only show the desktop in safe mode otherwise the screen will be black. I have to re-start the computer in safe mode, do a system restore, and then I will be able to see the desktop. Each time I have to start the computer this way regardless of the system restore every time.
  31. J

    Laptop won't boot

    Hello guys, My computer won't boot after changing the page file size. What I did is I changed the size to 4 GB or more. Then I made a restart and everything was perfect. In the same day I made multi reboot without any issue then I shut it down and slept... Today when I turned my laptop...
  32. P

    My A505 Satellite wont power all the way on.

    It will only go as far as the Windows loading screen, then blue and only the mouse pointer. The power converter cord is giving the required 19 VDC. It won't even get past this via safe mode in any configuration. I have even tried booting from a USB boot disc. After opening it up, there were...
  33. L

    Computer Reboot Loop Only Showing the Logo - Lenovo y50-70

    Hi, okay so i have a lenovo y50-70 and recently i tried to reset ti but it turned off during the reset and now when ever i turn on my computer it only shows the logo and the shuts down then starts again. I thought this might be due to bois but i can't reset it unless i do it manually and i cant...
  34. K

    15 minute black screen after POST

    As soon as I power on my ASUS UX32A Zenbook, I am prompted with the ASUS logo, followed by the POST sound. The wait time for the Windows logo is generally 10-15 minutes, and no longer. However, I have found that by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL immediately after hearing POST, this eliminates the problem...
  35. C

    I need help with my laptop!

    My DELL laptop will not work right and it all started when I was in the chrome browser and a little pop-up happened in the Corner of the screen saying there was a update that needed to be installed so i clicked it. It shut the laptop down and a screen came up that was moving up down left and...
  36. M

    Can't boot into Windows nor BIOS - Lenovo y510p

    A little backstory for this trainwreck. I have a 25Gb ssd on my Lenovo y510p and i wanted to use it as a boot drive. After I did it, suddenly 14Gb left my 1TB Drive and just float there in the partitions. I don't know why and how, and I couldn't extend the drive, but i could extend the SSD, and...
  37. T

    Laptop BIOS won't boot from or see primary SSD when HDD is installed

    I recently installed an SSD into my Lenovo y510p and installed the old hard drive into a caddy that slid in to the optical bay. When just the SSD is plugged in it works great, but when I have the HDD connected, the computer only boots from the HDD and the SSD does not show up on the BIOS...
  38. P

    Nvidia GPU problems

    So I started having issues with my Lenovo laptop just after Christmas and I wanted to try and clear them up. Firstly often when I boot up Windows and sometimes when I'm starting programs i get the message: WerFault.exe - application The instruction at 0x01cd00b2 referenced memory at 0x01cd00b2...
  39. R

    Screen flickers 4 times at booting after ssd installation

    Hi, I've recently been having a problem when booting my laptop.I just got a new ssd, a samsung 850 evo. I used its software to clone it and installed it into my laptop. The problem is that when I'm booting I'm not seeing such big improvement, and the screen just flickers like 4 times after it...
  40. B

    How do fix my Toshiba Satellite L775-S7102 Shuts Off multiple times ?

    It won't turn on. The adapter and battery works, but still won't turn on. Any Help would be great
  41. R

    URGENT Possible HDD Failure, Please Help

    My Macbook Pro has had some problems lately. A couple of months ago, it overheated and one of the RAM slots got damaged, which led to many crashes and annoyance. I sent it in to the Apple Store to verify my "diagnosis" and it came back positive, so I ordered a single 1x8GB RAM card and installed...
  42. W

    acer aspire v3-571g

    Hello I'm using an Acer Aspire V3-571G laptop. installed Windows 10, but when I turn my Acer I have "no bootable device" and the message error setup confirmation : load default configuration now ? [yes] [no] :??: Can you help me?
  43. M

    Samsung NP700z7c suddenly won't turn on

    Hoping someone can help as I am at the end of my rope. On Saturday night I went to bed and my laptop was fine - woke up Sun am and the screen was black but the charge light (it was plugged in) was on as was the blue light to the right of the charge light. Couldn't get it to wake up so turned...
  44. M

    Sony Vaio Netbook Will Not Boot

    Hi guys, I have a wee Sony Vaio VPCW126AG that I was given a while ago with a HDD problem so I took my external apart and put the HDD in and it booted just fine, loaded Windows 7 on it, etc.... After a couple of days I removed the HDD and put it back in my external case and waited on the...
  45. H

    I have a HP 650, which recently when turning it on came up with a message saying boot device not found. Error 3F0.

    I have a HP 650, which recently when turning it on came up with a message saying boot device not found. Error 3F0. So I tried another spare hard drive I had, but the same error came up. I tried the first hard drive in an external hard drive I have, and I'm able to access all of my files...
  46. G

    HP Pavilion 15-n028us will not power on

    I've got a laptop that will not power on. When I press the power button, it does nothing. If it is plugged into the wall I can hear what sounds like the fan power on for about 5 seconds and turn back off. Any ideas?
  47. P

    Asus q302L wont turn on

    My Asus won't turn on. The LEDs will not light up. I opened it to disconnect battery and plug the laptop directly into outlet. Still nothing. I used a different charger as I thought mine was bad, but still this did not resolve my issue. The hard reset suggestion did not work. Any other...
  48. J

    *How To Find Point Of Hardware Failure For Laptop?*

    I have an old Asus G73JH gaming laptop (around 5 years old now) that hasn't worked for awhile now. Just got back into SWTOR and want a laptop to play it on so I can play on the go but don't have a ton of money (gotta love weddings) so I want to resurrect the old girl. I have a decent theory...
  49. E

    ASUS laptop doesn't turn on.

    Good evening, I have problem with my 5 year old laptop. (ASUS N71Ja, Core i5 430M, ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730). Few days ago it was just idling at my desk and suddenly screen went blue (not BSOD, just blue). I restarted it by pressing and holding power button and now it won't turn on again...
  50. L

    There is something wrong with my laptop, a lot of issues lately.

    I have an ASUS laptop that I have owned since late 2009. I regularly play video games on it. It has never had any real issues other than overheating at some points leading to its fan dying and an IT guy screwing up my hard drive while replacing the fan requiring me to replace it at the time (it...
  51. J

    2 Dell Inspiron 1545s with different problems

    Hello, I have two Dell Inspiron 1545s. One has been working fine (after some tinkering) but randomly beeps twice at startup and won't boot anymore. If I'm correct that means there's a problem with the memory. So I tried reseating the memory, switching sticks between the two computers, and I...
  52. D

    Samsung galaxy s6 edge boot problems.

    So i have had my phone for 6 months or so, and about 3 months ago i rooted the phone. Nothing strange happened until today. So I woke up and realized that my phone was out of power. I plugged it into the charger and tried turning it on. After waiting for 5 min for the phone to boot, i gave up...
  53. meeksdoteric

    Chromebook Kernel Panic

    Context Google sent me a Chromebook prototype several years ago for beta testing. The model is Cr48 "MARIO FISH 2330". Although I am more than comfortable on Windows and OS X, I am a Linux novice. Yesterday I decided to try installing Linux (specifically Lubuntu) on this Chromebook for the...
  54. D

    AVG not allowing PC to boot!

    I'm posting this from I iPad because currently I can't get on my PC. I recently upgraded from Windows 10 from 7 for free. The download went smooth played a couple matches of battlefront and called it a night. I had some razer updates and one avg Update that required a restart so I just shut down...
  55. P

    Toshiba Satellite L50d boot failure

    Hi, My daughters laptop is stuck in a diagnostic loop. Toshiba dont want to know unless i buy software from them. I have turned the UEFI off and tried 3 different Hard-drives and 3 versions of windows to get a fresh install. the install works until i try to update drivers. It then sends the...
  56. J

    My laptop won't turn on

    After I press the power key the HDD LED light up for few ms then off and I heard a click sound and it won't turn on even the screen. Information Acer Aspire timelineX 4820T OS : Windows 10 PRO RAM : 4GB HDD : 650GB GRAPHIC CARD : Intel graphic 2GB CPU : 2.66GHz intel Core i5 5MB cache
  57. P

    Unsure how to properly flash BIOS - Acer Aspire E 15

    Hi everyone, let me get you up to speed on my current situation. About a year ago, I bought a new laptop on sale, Acer Aspire E15. I immediately got rid of Windows 8 and installed Ubuntu as the sole OS. Everything was great, and Linux is fantastic, but now I'm starting to do more development on...
  58. S

    HP DV6-1149wm 3F0 Boot Error "Hard Drive Does Not Exist"

    Hello! I have an HP Pavilion DV6-1149wm laptop (yes it is old, and yes it is cheap), that came in for a heatsink/fan replacement, which I completed successfully. However, upon rebooting, I received the 3F0 error "Please install an operating system on your hard disk" or "Hard drive does not...
  59. C

    HP G60 Wont Boot

    I have this HP G60 laptop with Vista. When it powers up it stays on the HP Invent screen. It flashes to black like its booting but goes back to the HP screen. I have taken the battery out and tried bootinh done a memory test and a HD test and all comback fine. I have seached google and can...
  60. C

    Lenovo Thinkpad Black Screen of death

    I have a computer a customer brought in with Windows 7 Pro installed. It does have a refurb COA tag also. Anyway when you start it the splash screen appears and then it goes to a black screen and wont boot. I don't have any recovery media and this is a business computer. I created a bootable...