Laptop wont boot after restarting it when connected HDMI-to-TV; white screen when connected to TV/Monitor, black screen as is.


Aug 20, 2016
I apologize ahead of time for the long post but I want to provide as much procedural details as possible. Thank you for hanging with me. Note that I am not terribly computer savvy but I know how to google, so I will do my best to research before asking overly simple questions. I've done my best to search for similar cases, but the big difference that I have noticed is that I can't access my login screen/desktop on the laptop's screen or tv/monitor. Details are below and thank you.

OS: Window 10
Computer: ASUS GL255V
Graphics: Intel HD and NVIDIA GTX 960m

Problem: Lastnight I restarted my laptop while plugged in via HDMI into my LG tv. However, this time it never actually booted back to the login screen. The laptop was slow to load and eventually ended in a white screen that flickers black at times. So, I unplugged my laptop while the screens were white. Laptop screen still white, LG tv blank screen. Held down power button to turn off laptop, pressed to turn back on. ASUS logo pops up, spinning loading icon. The screen flickers black and the ASUS logo pops up again but the loading icon is frozen in place. I wait ~5min and the screen goes black but is noticeably still 'light'. At this point I can see and move the mouse icon, but it quickly flickers on and off when moved and the blue loading circle next to the mouse icon continuously rotates on and on and on... I've left it like this for ~30min with no changes.

What I've Tried: I pulled the battery pack and AC last night and let the laptop sit. This has happened in the past (detailed below) and letting it sit overnight worked. This morning, it was still not booting to the login screen and undergoing the same process noted above. So, I tried to plug it back up to the TV and, once again, received the white flickering screen. I have tried removing the HDMI while both the tv and laptop screens were white, as well as booting the laptop while the HDMI cord is in and restarting the laptop when both screens were white. All had the same outcome. I also started the laptop, let it go to the black screen with the icon, and than plugged the HDMI cable in. The tv did not connect to the laptop/receive and signal. Note I switched to one of my HP monitors, did all of the same things noted above, and, unfortunately, the same thing happens.

I use two extra monitors regularly for this laptop, both at work and home. I use the StarTech USB 3.0-to-HDMI external graphics to run the 2nd screen. So, I thought, maybe its the HDMI. I plugged the converter into my USB 3.0 port and into the screen. This resulted in the same outcome as if I did not even have a screen hooked up. The main laptop screen shows the flickering mouse icon but the monitor seems to be connected but not showing the laptop screen. However, in this scenario, the screens are not white. So, now I am totally confused as to what the cause may be.

Additional Details: Lastly, I want to note a couple details. This has happened in the past when I installed the Startech software (not the white screen part, but the inability to access the login screen with the frozen ASUS logo and flicker mouse icon). But the problem was a simple fix as I started the laptop in safe mode and uninstalled the program. Booted right up. Figured something similar may be occurring here, but here's my problem. I can alt + F2 into BIOS, but I can't log in through safe mode. From what I know (and note the first paragraph) Win10 will load a blue screen that allows you to access safe mode, etc. etc. The screen is supposed to load when the computer undergoes 2 unsuccessful boots, but I have yet to see the screen.

I am at a total loss at this point. Any help is very much appreciated.


Aug 20, 2016
Actually, have been messing with this all day and got lucky. Windows 10 finally prompted me with the opportunity to start it in safe mode. I did so, went to device manager and disabled the NVIDIA driver. Laptop started right up as normal. Went ahead and rolled the driver back just in case. Restarted once again with no problem.
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