Lenovo Ideapad 500... ruined?

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Mar 20, 2017
I'm sorry if there's any grammar mistake. English isn't my first language.

Got this laptop on Dec 2016, Windows 10, core i7, and I've been using it a lot since then. I used KMS Pico for Office, because that's how my school's computer got Office too, and I was the one who installed it on a lot of those PCs.

It worked, but the preinstalled McAfee thing on my laptop started telling me if I wanted to run can't-remember-the-name .exe, a part of KMS Pico, and I just ignored it. All of a sudden Office started asking for license again, and I told a friend (who has been working with computers on my same school for at least 3 years) if he could do anything about it, and he ran an Office Key Remover that removed the WAT. Restarted my laptop, and it didn't want to turn back on. We tried and got that famous blue screen. We tried restroing from and nothing happened. Took us half an hour to finally have access to my computer again, with Office working normally.

Here's the problem list:
- I have to turn on my laptop, wait for the Lenovo screen to load, wait 4-5 secs, turn it off, wait again and turn it back on in order for it to work.
- It takes more time than it used to do to load the Windows lock screen
- After a few secs. on Windows, it asked me if I wanted to allow mrt to make changes on my computer. Like, why? I used it one of those times the suggestion appeared, and it found nothing. I thought that it would stop appearing once I used it but it didn't. I erased the .exe and now asks if I want to allow another Microsoft thing to make changes. It's annoying.
- I can't make my usable RAM go up to the 16 preinstalled GB my laptop came with. It only goes up to 14.2. It's not a big deal, but I want to be able to use them.

Everything else is working perfectly: Windows, battery, speakers, charger, touchpad, etc.

I can send the laptop back to factory, there's still a lot of time before the warranty expires, but God, I've had this laptop for less than 4 months. Parents will kill me if they find out. It would be really appreciated if someone could help me out with one of the problems I listed before.

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.
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