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  1. S

    What software to use

    Hello, I have a SONY Blu-ray Burner SATA BWU-500S going in to a new build. I was wondering is there a better software to use other than what comes with the Blu-ray burner
  2. L

    62 year old need help

    Hello, I have roxio media center I open zone wave to download my family photos went to file burn production to disc keep getting a dvd builder has encountered a problem and need to close when I try to burn my family photos.
  3. G

    Toshiba error codes

    Hello, I am trying to burn a cd and keep getting the error code 170218-26-BE056466? Can anyone please suggest a next step as I can't find the information anywhere. Thanks
  4. L


    Hello, I am trying to burn a cd on my acer laptop and it keeps telling me to insert a blank disc. I have put in several different disc
  5. M

    Burning a WMA and M2T onto a CD

    Hello I'm trying to burn a CD which has both a .WMA and .M2T file on it. I want the CD to be able to play in a CD player but also be able to put it into the computer (or dvd player?) to play a video. I'm using Nero 8, is there other software that can do this? are there plugins for Nero? or do I...
  6. SCSandyBoc

    Burn .dmg from PC to work on Mac HELP!

    Hi, I downloaded MS Office version for Mac on my PC and it is a .dmg file. I have NERO 10 burning software; could someone tell me step by step how to properly burn this .dmg file from a Window 7 Professional PC to work on a mac? Thanks a bunch. CPU: Intel core I5 2500K Sandy Bridge...
  7. A

    Formatting a dvd+rw

    I wish to load disks with pictures have tried a free trial burn program but probably need to formatt disk. thanks
  8. H

    Difference between studio cd burner and regular cd burner

    What would be the difference between a studio cd burner and a regular cd burner
  9. S

    Solved! Plastic burning smell

    Hello, i have hp 8430, it produce plastic burning smell, but it is working fine, is anything to fear about?
  10. S

    Cd burning questions

    Okay it says that the files are on the disk. I thought I burned them to the disk. Howeverr, when I put the disk into another computer there aren't any files on the disk. What am I doing wrong?
  11. acousticalnut

    Solved! DVD writer Speed Setting Utility

    IUsed to be able to burn at 1x speed and now I am unable to even get closer the 4x which is not really a assurance to the quality and generally do not get the same quality as I did at 1x burning speed I prefer and generated always at that burn speed. Is there anything I can do besides back track...
  12. Tsn4help

    Solved! Would like to record and or burn netflix movies.

    Is there software or hardware to record and or burn netflix and TV shows and movies?
  13. Jackietools

    MP4 to Blu ray

    Can anyone advise a program to convert various formats of video so I can then burn them to a Blu ray disc. I am not trying to pirate anything, I would just like to utilize the capacity of the Bluray to fit more video on one disc. Currently looking to put HD MP4 to a Bluray disc and am not sure...
  14. P

    Solved! Copy dvd-R movies to my computer

    Hello, i have a laptop and i would like to burn movies to my cumputer
  15. N

    Solved! Laptop vs. pc desk top for burning dvds/cd

    I am looking to buy a pc for making movies of pictures to music and burning alot of them weddings and such I was wanting to know if laptop would handle all the disc burnig or should I go with a desk top pc.
  16. J

    Solved! Matshita ujda770 free driver

    Hello, why i can't burn dvd using nero?i need guide for burning movies to dvd.