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  1. RPT3CH_US3R

    Nero burning ROM 2016 installation problem!

    Im reinstalling Nero burning ROM 2016 but everytime it goes to Installing (after downloading) .. i get this error Installation failed, Common reasons are not enough space in the target directory, or a newer version of the product that has been installed before. Please verifiy the installation...
  2. K

    How to burn MP4 files from digital camera to play in mp4 bd player

    If I burn normal mp4 videos as data files on a dvd disc, I can play them fine in my mp4 capable blu-ray player. But, if I burn mp4 videos from any of my digital cameras as data, they will not play on my player. Is there a specific way I am supposed to burn these?
  3. B

    Creating Video DVD's

    I have been trying to create DVD's of videos from Youtube, something I know that millions of people do. I have tried several free DVD write programs such as :Free Disc Burner, Wondershare DVD Creater (worked on 1 of 4 attempts). I have been using DVD+r and DVD-r Most of the time I get an...
  4. generalzod1975

    Ads in burned to disc movies

    I, like most burn digital copies of movies to disc. Through out the movie, ads pop up at the bottom every 10-15 minutes. What is the best way of getting rid of said ads so I can view uninterrupted?
  5. Robert Ban

    Is there any burning tool for android?

    Ok. i have wet my phone (into da toilet).I have dried it out and putted in sack of rice for a 20h and now its working but one thing buggs me its the screen.The screen has wet spots but its working normally.Soo i need burning tool to heat up and remove the black spots. Any recommendation is...
  6. S

    Is my friend right about his point at overclocking in laptops?

    So I recently overclocked my laptop using MSI Burner and usually the tempreture rises 60C-70C while playing games, (But with no games it is at 50c - 54C) however, he told me that you cannot overclock your laptop. and that it's a fake overclock, and told me it just burns your laptop from inside...
  7. P

    Could not burn a DVD video

    I, upgraded from vista to windows 8.1 on DELL studio 1737 laptop, but since then I cannot burn video file, DVD disc is ejected before burning starts it then ask to insert disc. I use NERO video, pls tell me what to do to correct this problem. Thank you.
  8. M

    burn songa into a blur-ray disk and play as CD?

    hello guys, did anyone try to burn mp3 to blur-ray ? i wonder if i can burn songs into a blur-ray disk and then use blu-ray player to play it as a CD? any different between burn songs into a CD? 25GB can burn many many songs. thanks
  9. G

    PowerISO adding wrong files for burning help needed fast

    Hello, I have two computers in my house, one is running Windows 7 and other one is running Windows 8 and my computer with Windows 8 died and i took out the hard drive and put it into sata to usb adapter and checked the size of Users folder because thats what i want to burn to DVD and size was...
  10. fooball

    Charger Tip burning hot when charging

    2 days ago, I unplugged my gaming laptop charger from the jack, and couldn't plug it back in. Thinking that there was dirt/plastic stuck inside, I (probably stupidly) used a few toothpicks to poke around in both the jack and the charger tip. The charger tip did end up fitting back in the jack...
  11. J

    Laptop Vs Desktop DVD Burner

    I am using my laptop for the time being to burn DVD Movies. I have a Acer Intel B960 Processor Dual Core. I will be burning DVD's probably 6-10 Per month for about the next year until i purchase a new desktop. At this rate would my Laptop DVD Player withstand the load?? Thanks
  12. O

    Hello, I have a harman/kardon cdr 20 cd burner. Need some help with firmewire if there is one !?

    Hello, I have a harman/kardon cdr 20 cd burner. I am looking for some help ! Is there a update software ? My e.mail <removed by moderator> Many thanks
  13. T

    ASUS MX279H flickering and image burn

    I recently purchased two ASUS MX279H monitors for a dual setup. Both monitors have vertical line noise (the lines jump around). You don't notice it from about 4 feet away. Also, BOTH monitors have done this once - randomly and instantly it will burn in whatever is on the screen and the...
  14. O

    dell not charging i checked motherbord IC is burn

    I was charging my laptop and d charger got burnt i buy a new charger and it not charging it so i check what wrong and find out IC as been burnt anyone with a better solution pls
  15. S

    Burning smells comes out from my Samsung Np355v5c laptop.

    When I was using my Samsung Laptop some burning smells comes out of the ventilation and also my laptop becomes very hot .So after that I turn off my Laptop for a while then turn it on it works normally .So it is working fine till now . So any kind of hardware issue with my Samsung Laptop.
  16. J

    Burning Smell Coming from Laptop Screen During a Screen Flip?

    Hi. I'm not too sure whether the problem here is because of my own stupidity or if its just the hardware being old and most likely already faulty. I've got an old HP DV5 that was bought around 2007-2008. Its been used pretty intensively since then, we've been through a couple of chargers & a...
  17. grebgonebad

    Best DVD converting/burning software...

    Hi all! For reasons that I won't go into I need to convert my movie collection on my PC (Mostly .mp4's and .avi's) into DVD format ready for burning to disc. The ideal piece of software I'm after would give me the option to set a final file size limit, adjust things such as the DVD menu and...
  18. A

    Recommended Burning Software

    Hey, Can you guys recommend for a light, easy to use burning software?
  19. A

    Does Samsung support .avi files?

    I've a friend who lives in Germany, I live in Holland. He asked me to burn some dvds for you. He has 'Samsung - Model code - E360. Software version - DSP-E360RU-1002.0. Video output - CVBS' Now I don't have many dvds so I was thinking using 'IMG BURN" and burning .avi files. I also burn for...
  20. N

    Laptop smelled like burning plastic! Is it worth fixing?

    Laptop smelled like burning plastic now it will not turn on. Is it worth fixing? The place I would have to take it to will charge at least $75.00 just to tell me not worth repairing. HP pavilion touch smart 14! Sorry, I copied and pasted I thought everything was typed. Sorry, again!!!
  21. D

    if i hook a 12 volt charger up to my phone with the jack off my original charger will it blow up my phone

    Wanting to know if a 12v charger with the same plug as my phone charger. Will it burn my phone out??
  22. S

    Need easy to use app for copying data file to DVD

    Tried Windows 7 built-in "burn file to disc" software but failed. Tried Nero, also failed. DVD has files already on it that I'd like to keep, just want to add one small file (data only) to it.
  23. P

    why does Vegas 12 change a 4gb video to 10.51gb

    Whenever I upload a 4 gb video it renders as 10.51 gb and I am unable to burn a dvd, what is causing Vegas 12 to increase the size of the video?
  24. J

    You Have Files Waiting to Be Burned’ Message in Windows 8

    "You Have Files Waiting to Be Burned’ Message in Windows 8". I have no files to burn. Folder is empty but still get this message whenever I boot
  25. R

    Convert a Bdmv file

    I converted a 17 gig bdmv to a MP4 file. What software will convert(if necessary) and burn this MP4 file to a 25 gig bluray disk?
  26. J

    I have a MP4 file on my apple. Using the burn command with my apple super drive a DVD when played indicated no conten

    The DVDs indicated 8 geg file but the DVD player could not read it.
  27. T

    Default Is plasma suitable for 16 hours a day TV broadcast?

    Hello I would like to buy my a used plasma TV that still has a great picture quality, and with no burn-in artifacts. What I am worried about, though, is that the TV will basically be turned on nearly entire day, 16 or so hours. And out of that my grandmother will watch a single channel 10...
  28. N

    DVD Drive makes whirring sound then clicks

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to burn some files to a blank DVD, however when I do put the DVD in my DVD burning drive, it makes a whirring sound like its trying to spin followed with 2 clicks. I haven't had this issue before and can't figure out what's wrong. I've tried multiple DVDs so it must be an...
  29. N

    CD/rip or burn

    I want to copy a cd meditation to the hard drive so I can make copies. I don't know what to use to copy it
  30. Gerraour

    Operation Failed when burning on Astroburner

    I was trying to burn my windows 8 (legit) iso file to my DVD - RW because my Original DVD was lost. and i don't know where to find it. I usually use Astroburner to burn an ISO file to my DVD. When i burn it, it always said "Operation Failed". I never experienced with this problem before. Why is...
  31. P

    Roxio easy vhs to dvd

    What are Roxio easy vhs to dvd "disc burning speeds"
  32. G

    Laptop Amd A8 vs Intel Pentium

    I want something that last and won't burn out. I chose the Amd A8 with 6gb Ram and 750 gb Hard drive over the Intel Pentium 4 gb Ram and 320 Hard drive because i thought it would be a better laptop. Is this true? The latter one is $184 cheaper than the former. Did I make the right decison...
  33. magnificent_90

    burn dvd vieo

    I cannot burn my mpg or avi file on a DVD to make a DVD Video. It even doesn't work after converting that file into vob format. what should I do? using nero 11 on windows 7 HP
  34. S

    Does Nero always take forever to burn?

    Hi I recently downloaded Nero 2014 in order to burn some movies I had on my pc onto some DVD's (Dual Layered DVD's to be exact). At first I tried to put a 2gb HD movie (1980x800) onto the DVD using AVCHD, but once I saw the 14 hour estimated time to complete, I aborted straight away cos I knew...
  35. 1shado1

    GPU Throttling during Furmark Burn-In on my ASUS G75VW

    I'm not a gamer, so would usually not realize if there is a problem with my GPU. But I was running the Furmark 15 minute Burn-In test this morning, and it seems my GPU is severely throttling. It does this from the second I start the test until the test ends (see below). Furmark v1.10.6 -...
  36. Ragnar Weirwood

    Video to DVD converter + Burner (free) recommendations

    For the longest time I've used DVDvideosoft as my Video converter to DVD format and burner. I recently needed in reinstall the program but AVG flags it as containing a Trojan [Malsign Generic] now I know from the past that DVDvideosoft contains a toolbar/search bullshit that I had to uninstall...
  37. K

    Rufus stuck at NTFS fixup 55%

    I'm burning Win8 ISO to USB flash drive via Rufus but it got stuck at 'CHDSK is verifying indexes(stage 2 of 3)' for an hour so far.Nothing new in the logs has shown up since it got stuck.Is this normal?
  38. B

    Need Help Picking A Mic For YouTube

    So I wanted to start getting into YouTube and I was wondering what mic to purchase. I can afford the Blue Yeti although I'm scared of crashing a burning on YouTube, and losing money I could have spent on better stuff, do you think the Blue Yeti is worth it for someone just starting YouTube? Or...
  39. S

    Burned DVD playback issue/bad sound

    I've burned dvds plenty of times using nch expressburn. suddenly, after a successful burn, the sound when i play it is nothing but static. I can play a store bought dvd and it sounds fine. I'm playing them back on a pc. I tried 3 other softwares and still have the issue. i installed the latest...
  40. P

    Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 ?

    Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 ? when i put in a VHS it record it then i put it on the HDD/SSD then edited it in a :??:?nutter? software then i put it back in the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 then it burn the DVD it has no problem burning it and it reads it on WMP, DVD Player, xbox 360, but when i put...
  41. one_with_shadows

    Nero refuses to burn to dvd/blu-ray

    I was attempting to burn a data blu-ray disc for a friend using Nero 2014. Just as it had done on a previous version I am being told to choose a different recorder, as mine only supports cd-r. I have a Lite-On iHBS112 with latest firmware. This is a Nero problem, as Windows has no problem...
  42. R

    Are there gaming laptops that DON'T burn your lap? ( Doesn't have to be great graphics )

    Well, just kind of wondering. I've heard about coolingpads, but considering the laptop I wanted to buy was 3.9KG and a cooling pad is easily 1KG I don't think that's such a great solution. I don't have to play games on ultra, or high, or even medium for that matter. As long as it runs...
  43. I

    pinnacle studio 15 dvd stutters, pauses, skips on play back

    useing pinnacle studio 15 i burn dvds and on play back some dvd players have problem playing pauses for few seconds. i dont know if its from my pc dvd burner or format witch you cant pick one in pinnacle studio it just dvd tap so i need help on this
  44. E

    ASUS N56VJ W8.1 unable to burn DVDs

    I'm a wedding videographer, so burning DVDs is an incredibly important part of my business. I am in love with my machine aside from this little issue. I sent it in for repairs 3 weeks ago. I received it back this past Friday with a fresh install of Windows 8 and a new optical drive installed. I...
  45. G

    Need help burning a movie

    so i have a movie i want to burn and its 5 gigs and the disc only has 4.56 or something what is the best thing to do to help fit this on here i dont care about losing much video quality someone pleasehelp me the most simplest way
  46. K

    Can i burn a bootable Windows 8 dvd from An copied Unbootable Dvd

    hello frnd....I got an unbootable windows 8 32bit dvd from my friend....It allows me to install win 8 but d problem is tht i can't perform a Clean Installation untill it become bootable..... Plz suggest me any methods to make it bootable somehow.....plz...plzz...
  47. E

    Cannot burn ISO to DVD on Windows 8

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section for this but... I'm using an ASUS N56V laptop running Windows 8.1, and the DVD drive is identified in Device Manager as Slimtype DVD A DS8A9SH. It is up to date on its firmware. I have run the CCleaner and I have an up-to-date registry. I...
  48. J

    Software to choose which files to burn to an 8GB disk or a 23GB bluray to optimize space useage?

    When trying to save space on my computer I always spend ages trying to find the right combination of files which will fill an 8GB DVD or a 23GB blu-ray with minimal wasted space. I already own two 3TB external hardware drives (and many smaller ones), but this is not what I want for certain types...
  49. P

    Nero burning securedisc safer?

    In Nero burning rom, its possible to choose the option to burn with secure disc! Theres even a scale to choose. Is this better, and safer for scractches or other things and in so how much?
  50. 5

    Bluray playing/burning software?

    I want to burn bluray and watch them on my computer. Is there a good all in one program that can accomplish this? If not what programs would you suggest?
  51. S

    Is it ok to run a laptop on mains all the time?

    When the battery doesn't hold the charge anymore can you just run the laptop on the mains? Someone has told me I'll burn out the circuitry. I only use it in the house anyway.
  52. W

    burn an audio cd disk from mp3 files

    I have 350 meg of audio conference mp3 files can't burn to a cd audio disk to play in car cd player I have about 6 hours of conference meetings that I would like to put on a cd to be played on a cd player, and be used in a car player.
  53. Q

    Just ordered the lenovo ideapad G500s-20263 laptop. Need to know does it read and write DVD/CDs/burn CDs?

    Looking for a laptop for work and play. I like to burnCDs
  54. S

    'Android Contacts Storage' process burning up battery/CPU time

    So I'm using the app 'Battery Drain Analyzer Pro' and here's a screen shot of it's analysis about which apps are drawing the most power: http://i.imgur.com/iIhFgdh.jpg?1 At the very top, 'Android Contacts Storage' is taking a significantly larger proportion of cpu time and is negatively...
  55. K

    dvd player burn speed

    I tried to burn a dvd for window xp and it didnt give me the option for 1x speed any solutions it only had 2.4x or something like that and a lot of people say it has to be at 1x for it to work when you boot up
  56. K

    burning cd or dvd

    If i was to burn a xp cd can i burn it on a dvd and would it still work?
  57. N

    Recording and duplicating church services

    What equipment would you recommend in order to both record and then duplicate services using CD's. Just want functional low cost system
  58. W

    Add Blu-Ray Burner to HP Pavilion DV6 with AMD processor

    A person who I know asked if I could get him a blu-ray burner for his Pavilion DV6 laptop. He claims that the exact model is not printed anywhere which I don't think is true since it usualy is written on a sticker on the bottom of the machine. However, he said that the laptop has AMD A8-3530MX...