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  1. Y

    acer plays cd and dvd but will not burn cd

    my acer inspire with windows vista stopped burning cd's. it still plays cds and plays dvds but when i try to burn a disc it just says "insert a blank disc" i used about half of the discs in the package without a problem burning them and this just happened out of the blue. any suggestions? thanks
  2. D

    Urgent Burning DVDs

    hey there I've tried everything! I helped show my cousin how to burn his video files to DVD for use with a DVD player on Windows, but his IT guy deleted the software and he forgot how to do it. I am on mac so I dont use the same programs as him. Ive tried DVDFlick- took WAY TOO LONG. 5hours...
  3. L

    Toshiba pavilion cd/dvd burner stop working

    can not burn
  4. L0tus

    CD burning

    I have a 645MB folder of music I'm trying to put into a blank 700MB CD-RW. Using CDBurnerXP. All 96 tracks can fit when I transfer them as a 'data CD'. However, I can only fit 10 per CD when transferring as an 'audio CD'. ...Why?
  5. T

    How to transfer pics from my6 aspire notebook

    I have pics on my aspire notebook. i would like to burn them to a dvd How
  6. A

    Burning Bluray of anime

    I have looked a lot through Google and have not found a definite method or answer I am in the market for a Blu-ray burner, as i would like to back up the 1.7 TB of anime i have. I just lost a terabyte of anime last week due to drive failure and was quite crushed by it So i have come to the...
  7. S

    Problem on gatewaynv53 laptop

    Hello, I was using my laptop one knight and shut it down then i later on it the next the to realize it not turning on. later on after several rebooting it turn on, I consult a laptop specialist who told me is the processor, got burn, he change it when it on for a day and that was all ..... help
  8. D

    Acer aspire m5 481pt burner

    Hi, I just purchased this machine brand new, it can read and write cds as well as dvds, and it can burn cds, but it can not burn DVDs - have tried DVD+rw, and a DVD+RDL (dual layer), multiple times, and they just won't burn. Tried using Windows 8 software, and Ashampoo, and Nero, and still just...
  9. D

    Dvd will burn but makes lines around the disc

    Hello, im trying to burn a dvd and it keeps making burning lines in stead of a hole bold circle ive changed my disc drive because the other one is a failure please help thanks guys & its a laptop
  10. T

    HP G62 wont start - Motherbord problem?

    Bought a HP G62 from an idiot seller, did not know it wont charge, Google it and seems to be a burn out power transistor. How can i find wish one (even if it means i need to open it up) and is it possible to buy one? Seller said the problem wasnt there before he sent it away, maybe 1 week...
  11. J

    Issues with making a DVD movie.

    Hey, so i'm trying to convert my (picture) JPEG files into a .mov using imovie on the mac.. so that i can then burn the same as a DVD and watch it. But once i covert it to .mov and burn it on a DVD the image quality of the image looks pixelated. If i burn it as a MP3 is looks fine. What am i...
  12. A

    How to create multi section on dvd using lg burning tool

    how to create multisection on dvd so that next time i again can use free space on dvd.
  13. OllieUK

    Ripping and Burning Karaoke CDG free software

    Hi, We have bought my daughter a karakoe machine for Christmas. She likes singing to pop songs but we are having trouble getting CDG albums of up to date pop songs without at least one track on the album having explicit lyrics. What I would like to be able to do is to take the bought CDG...
  14. M

    Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50/Burn In

    Ok I just brought this TV and I am deathly afraid of playing video games on it, can someone offer some advice on how I can prevent burn in with this TV?
  15. Geezer760

    Joliet Files renamed

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is where I should post this question. I'm trying to make backup dvds of my mp3s I'm using Deepburner and on some of my files it says file names too long must be renamed by joliet, then I tried burning from a different burner CD Burner XP and and it doesn't rename my...
  16. S

    Can't burn 96kHz / 24-bit / 6 channel DVD audio using WaveLab 6?

    Hi guys, I'm getting an error when trying to burn 96kHz / 24 bit / 6 channel audio using Wavelab 6: (sample rate [96,000]) x (# of channels [6]) x (# of bytes per sample [3]) ---- exceeds 1,260,000. This is not supported by DVD Audio specification.' I was under the impression that DVD Audio...
  17. E

    Burning software on DVD?

    Heyaaaaa, I knwo i can burn Windows ISO file to a CD RW,but can i also burn it onto a DVD RW? Greetings
  18. D

    Download a free cd burner for a toshiba laptop

    i have a toshiba laptop with windows 7 i have burned music to cds a bunch of times, now its saying to connect a device or make sure burner is installed, what should i do..?? any help will be appreciated
  19. S

    OEM DVD-RW w/ Nero 10 (no mp3 decoder)

    Bought an ASUS OEM DVD-RW from NewEgg and loaded the Nero 10 it came with and when I went to burn my first CD from some mp3's I got a message that mp3 decoding is not included in that version of Nero. First, why would they even bother including a copy of Nero if it's not a full version? Second...
  20. M

    [Solved] Free toshiba satellite L505 recovery cd download for windows 7

    I made my recovery dvd's for my toshiba laptop but they did not burn. Now that I am having trouble with it and have to reinstall windows I can't because one of the discs did not burn at all and I don;t know if I have all of the information I need to do a reformat. Is there any way to get a copy...
  21. G

    Burn Note Unveils Self-Destructing Messages

    There is a new messaging service that allows users to send, depending on your preference, James Bond style messages. Burn Note Unveils Self-Destructing Messages : Read more
  22. tuanmai

    Burner iOS App Lets You Create Disposable Phone Numbers

    New iOS app lets you create prepaid "burner" phones within your iPhone. Burner iOS App Lets You Create Disposable Phone Numbers : Read more
  23. T

    Photo quality using blue ray burners

    I just bought aLG WH14NS40K Internal 14x Blu-Ray Burner and used Adobe Photoshop Premier Elements 10 and a Memorex BD-R to record a photo slide show. I also made one using the same slide show in DVD format. The photos on the blue ray disc show a marked decrease in quality. They are sharper on...
  24. D

    Computer shuts off when i try to burn DVDR'S!!!!

    My Cpu Shuts Down When I Use Dvd Fab At About 75% Or It Will Convert 100% And Say Waiting To Detect Writable Media. I Place New Blank Dvdr Disc Into My External Hp Writer , Different Types Of Blanks.....Still Shuts Down...Please Help!!! Thanks!!
  25. britnight

    Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi all, so I read this article about Samsung Galaxy S3 (http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-denies-responsibility-for-galaxy-s3-screen-burn-in/16616.html) and how they will possibly have burn-ins, and according to the article, Samsung is unwilling to take responsibility for warranty replacement...
  26. S

    HD Movie Editing and Burning in same quality

    I have recorded my video files in HD format. Now I want to burn the same on to DVD without compromising video and audio quality. How can I edit and burn my videos. Pl. guide me as to which free DVD burning software is available on net.
  27. W

    720p, 1080p on a DVD blank disc....

    Im not really entirely sure what Category and sub-category this question is most suited to go into and i thought this is the closest thing. I was wondering, if i have a .avi file that is 720p/1080p am i able to burn it into a DVD disc? Or is it really the amount of free space a blank DVD can...
  28. B

    DVD Maker won't (make a DVD)

    I'm trying to burn a DVD using Windows DVD maker in Windows 7 64-bit (Genuine, clean install). I've tried it on both an Acer desktop and an Acer laptop. DVD Maker previously worked on the laptop under Vista, but I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit on that also. The burners work...
  29. bertie1313

    Burning software

    i didn't no where to put this so here goes any ideas on the best burning studios that convert as well - i've been using any video coverter and free make video converter but they are quite slow and wanted a faster one ideas please Bert
  30. exfileme

    LG Putting Tablet Development on Hold

    LG's tablet plans are now on the back burner. LG Putting Tablet Development on Hold : Read more
  31. C

    Recommend me a good burning software please

    I used to use RecordNowMax on my old PC with WinXP. It got the job done with no complaints. I am not sure it will work with Win7. Is there a newer, better program out there for burning? I don't mind paying for something if it's good rather than a freeware program. Freeware would be good too...
  32. D

    Nero Vision burn issue

    Hello, I was creating a DVD with NeroVision, and my laptop rebooted. I can't find the incomplete file, and the hard drive notes nearly 4Gb missing. Where do I find the missing file?
  33. M

    Sae 2400

    Hi, I have one SAE 2400 amplifier with one power amplifier printed circuit board burn. I look to buy one of this power card, fonctionnel or not fonctionnel. Regards. email: maurice.mazuir@wanadoo.fr
  34. tuanmai

    VIDEO: Wicked Lasers Burn Through the New iPad

    Forget blending, let's blast this $500 tablet with lasers! VIDEO: Wicked Lasers Burn Through the New iPad : Read more
  35. R

    Help with finalizing cd's made with the harman/kardon cdr 20 cd burner

    Hello, I have a harman/kardon cdr 20 cd burner. I am unable to finalize the cd's I make.. I have tried several brands of blank cd's and had no success. I have been told that there is software I can purchase which would update my burner ,and that that would solve the problem.. Do you have any...
  36. M

    How The Hell do I Blu-Ray?

    So there are over a dozen programs out there to burn blu-ray's and avchd's. There are also multiple formats on my hard drive, mp4, mkv and avi to name a few. I've tried countless times to find a SINGLE program that I can take lets say a MKV file and burn it into a Blu-Ray that WILL read on ANY...
  37. B

    Dvd super media drive what is

    what is dvd super media drive - does this mean cd/dvd player/burner and possibly more? thanks for your help Paul pwgut09@yahoo.ca
  38. M

    X64 dvd burning

    Is there any 64 bit video encoding/burning software available right now? I feel like there must be, but am having a surprisingly hard time finding it. I am NOT looking for burning software that is compatible with my OS (Win 7 Ult 64 bit) but this is the only question I can find answered, and I...
  39. S

    Burning in of static image on screen of Plasma TV?

    I went in to ask questions at RC Willey where I have credit and told the salesman what I thought I wanted (plasma HDTV) and told him that I wanted to use it with my computer also. He said there was one problem that occurs with plasma TV's and I wanted your knowledge on this this. He said that a...
  40. H

    Free Blu Ray Decrypting Programs

    I just got my blu ray burner a few days ago it works great I can watch Blu Rays with free software but I would Like to decrypt one and burn it. Do you know of any software that is free to decrypt Blu Rays.
  41. K

    How to burn a dvd from flash drive

    Hello, can anyone here assist me in burning a DVD from my "thumbdrive" or flash drive. My DVR can't play it, and I've tried downloading nero with no luck. This is MY 4-minute video for a client. Any answer greatly appreciated!
  42. shuin_exe

    Looking for a free/cheap burning app to play on DVDs

    Hi, im looking for a free/cheap burning dvd so it can play on any dvd player out there... any suggestions?
  43. mrclownface

    Free DVD burning software

    hi there,can anyone tell me what is a good (free) programme for burning DVD shrink files that i can download
  44. dconnors

    Post-Christmas Gift Ideas

    Have some unwanted Christmas sweaters to exchange? Or a few gift cards to burn through? There are plenty of new tech toys and games worth your holiday cash. Post-Christmas Gift Ideas : Read more
  45. jale1966

    ISO Burner

    Hello I am looking for a free good ISO Burner where I can take a downloaded file and make it into a ISO file. Basically want to make any EXE file into a ISO file. Anyone have any good suggestions please let me know Thanks Dale
  46. S

    How Convert MP2 file so it will play in DVD player?

    I have a 4.21 GB mp2 file that is 135.56 minutes long. I would like to convert this and burn it onto a DVD+R Dual Layer disk that would play in any DVD player. Any suggestions on how best to do this? Thank you in advance!!! Saint Kelley
  47. riccardi50

    Best media player/burner software

    So I want to get a media player/burner software for christmas but I don't know what to ask for. I mainly want a good one because I have a blu-ray burner/player that I haven't been able to use because it came only with trial software and now is unable to burn/play blu-rays any more unless I buy...
  48. D

    Solved! Sager NP9262 Burning smell and smoke!

    Hey everyone i need some help!! I have a sager NP9262 and ive been smelling smoke/burning plastic slightly for a while now. Today mid-round in battlefield 3 it shut off and the light on the powersupply went out as well (still will not turn back on). When i plugged the 4 pin connector back into...
  49. J

    Solved! Aspire 7551-7422 laptop help

    I recently purchased an aspire 7551-7422 laptop and I'm having trouble burning dvds on dvd-rw discs using the optiarc DVD RW AD-7585H ATA Device. Is there a driver or firmware that i need to install or maybe a burning program ?
  50. Uther39

    FREE DVD Video Burning software?

    Just a quick question, what is the best free video burning to DVD software out there?
  51. P

    Creating a set of recovery discs

    How do I burn a set of recovery discs for my windows 7
  52. C

    What is missing when i try to burn a cd it ask to put a clean disc which i do

    Hello, When I burn a cd audio and place a clean cd inside, when I click burn cd it says i have to put a clean cd which i did. I recently did a backup on computer and deleted it from my computer, maybe something got lost then?
  53. G

    Nokia's Branding Oops: Lumia Can Mean "Prostitute"

    Nokia's effort to recover from a burning platform surfaced yesterday in the form of the Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phone devices. Not everyone was impressed by the device, but the Lumia will be remembered as a the first smartphone that makes the list. Nokia's Branding Oops: Lumia Can Mean...
  54. C

    Solved! The fan on my HP laptop runs all the time

    Fan runs ALL the time. I don't recall it doing that before. Is there something I need to do to prevent it from burning out?
  55. E

    Will 8 Ohm speakers work with a 4 Ohm amplifier

    Hello, I have some 8 Ohm 140 watt speakers will getting a 4 Ohm 120X2 watt Amplifier work for these or will it cause them to burn out? I have no idea about any of these technical terms give me a simple answer.
  56. M

    Movie Burn Issues

    I was wondering if someone could enlighten me. I'm trying to back up some new movies I got. The backup is good until about 50 or so minutes into the burn when dvd players loose the signal. I've tried two programs and get the same results. I had two dvd burners and tried various combinations of...
  57. M

    Error 1303

    hi guys.... i have a problem in installing Nero 10 burning Rom.when it installs Nero control center it displays a message error 1303. any help.i am using windows 7 ultimate N.
  58. B

    Aspect ratio when buring DVDs (tall and skinny?)

    When I burn a dvd I get a tall and skinny picture no matter what aspect ratio I choose under options. What am I doing wrong? HELP!!
  59. S

    Behringer DDX3216 flash memory

    Hello, I have a DDX3218 and the flash memory is damaged by bad flashing :-( Anybody have a memory dump, ready to burn into the flash RAM, using an extern burner?? Thanks in Advance...
  60. Siddeous

    Maya and Back burner

    Has anyone ever used back burner with Maya for network rendering. I have set up a rendering farm in the past but it was Lightwave's screamernet and I really don't know much about maya. I got backburner installed and the Master node (controller) and the server nodes (render computers) can speak...