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  1. M

    Question Burn Windows 10 ISO to USB on Mac

    Any one could provide advices for burning ISO to USB? I used boot camp assistant and cp command in Terminal but without any success. My PC needs a fresh install.
  2. L

    Solved! Burning a disk on Nero plantinum 2018?

    I have done my video and would like to burn it onto a dvd disk, but it came up with a notice saying it wold have to recalculate the timeline? Does anyone know what this means and how should I correctly burn the photos onto a blank dvd disk after I have finished adding content? Many thanks.
  3. C

    Solved! TV burning up soundbars

    My father in law has a polaroid LCD TV. He purchased an LG soundbar that worked for about 2 days then stopped working. He returned it thinking he got a bad one and that new one worked for about a week. He went out and bought a vizio soundbar and that one worked for about a week as well. He does...
  4. A

    Burn in problem on Samsung Notebook 9 Always monitor

    I have been using this notebook for a year now and this shows up recently. This is the 2017 edition. Can anyone tell me what is the problem of the monitor? The notebook has not been dropped or damaged. Is it the backlight problem? Those ghostings/ shadings are rectangular in shape.Thanks everyone.
  5. G

    Burning DVD video without laptop/from usb

    I have a lot of family videos that I have recorded onto DVD in .vob format using a VHS to DVD recorder. They need some editing so Ive spent a month purchasing, downloading and uninstalling many editing programs, searching web for answers about formatting options and burning discs that won't play...
  6. D

    in dvd flick just downloaded it cannot highlight burn disc

    i was doing setup but burn disc is not working i cannot click on it
  7. I

    LG V20 screen burn in

    I recently bought an unlocked at&t LG V20 H910 off of ebay. I have noticed that there is some screen burn and I was wondering if i should return it or just keep it as it is not noticeable unless i am using some apps such as discord. Using a burn in removal app works but comes back after a short...
  8. W

    Charger light

    Charger internal problem. Light of charger is not going to get on I used 2 adopter but both seems to be dead... Nothing is broken from interior and no smell of burn.... All sucks... ..3rd charger....
  9. S

    Lenovo Y50-70 wont charge

    Hello Everyone, I have an older Lenovo Y50-70 that wont charge. This happened about a year ago 1 week before I was deployed. So I didnt have much time to troubleshoot. Since coming home I have picked up the issue again and I have narrowed down the problem to a power cable inside the laptop. It...
  10. L

    will wma when burn work on a car cd olayer

    all my audio files are on my laptop in a windows media file if i burn to a cd will it work on my car cd player
  11. Y

    Solved! burning smell when laptop switched on but disappears

    I have a 10 year old Asus laptop. Recently, i started noticing a burning smell every time i power on the laptop. The smell comes out the fan ventilation port on the side. The smell disappears after a few seconds. The fan itself is working fine; i monitor CPU temps and they are normal...
  12. A

    Solved! Finalising a dvd-r?

    I'm about to copy some family videos onto a dvd-r, but I'm not sure how and if I need to finalise the disc. I'll be burning the disc on my laptop with the ashampoo burning studio which was a free download. I've practised on a dvd rw and it turned out fine. When the disc was finished, it said...
  13. A

    help in creating a dvd-r

    I've got some family videos I'd like to burn onto dvd-r's. Some are various lengths. Will I have a problem with the longer videos, some of which are about 3 hours long. The dvd-r's I've bought are verbatim and they are 4.7GB, but it does say 120 mins on the discs. I did experiment on a dvd rw...
  14. C

    problem burning video onto a DVD

    I have completed all the processes, including trim and cut, then when I try to burn onto a DVD nothing happens. I select the Export area but nothing happens and the burn button does not light up. I am sure I am missing one step but I don't know what that is.
  15. H

    Laptop Smells Like Burning Plastic

    I have an Acer Aspire E5-571. I was using it last night when I heard a faint pop followed by a really nasty burning smell. Smelled like someone melted plastic. I immediataly removed the battery and ac jack cutting power to the system. I than ran down and got a fire extengisher. I waatched the...
  16. G

    When I BURN DVD/CD they will play on my computer they will not play on my DVD/CD players.

    I have used Windows Media Player, Any Video Converter, CD Burner XP and WinX Video to burn the DVD/CDs, I use VLC media player. When I BURN DVD/CD they will play on my computer they will not play on my DVD/CD players.This has started 2 weeks ago. I have windows 10.
  17. A

    Dell Inspiron 15 3541 bluray upgrade?

    I want to max out my Dell Inspiron 15 3541... what bluray player/dvd +-rw dual layer burner is compatable with this setup?
  18. E

    Will boosting a i7-7500U from 2.7Ghz to 3.5Ghz affect my CPU ?

    I want to know if it's safe and if im not going to burn my CPU if I use Intel Boost? It just worried me a little since I saw people talking about temperture and stuff, can anyone explain it to me?
  19. R

    Solved! only 1 track on burned CD

    I burned a disc using Nero18. I wanted it to be an mp3 cd, so i used the Jukebox option. Now that the disc is burned... it only shows 1 track on my car audio player (the same goes for other audio players i've tried with). However when i insert the cd back into my pc... then i see the separate...
  20. W

    needing a free app to join converted clips together so i can burn it on to DVD

    Can anyone help me,please??Needing a free program to join converted clips together so i can burn it on to DVD.For what ever reason i find myself going in circles.
  21. K

    DBAN ISO file cannot be found to burn to DVD-R

    Please help. I want to burn my DBAN iso file to a dvd-r but I cannot find the ISO. I have downloaded DBAN time and again, comp
  22. X

    NTSC type of DVD's work in Europe countries like Norway

    i am 7 Zumba DVD i wanna send it to my girlfriend so i need to burn it on dvd and send it its Standerd NTSC will in work in Europe countries . thanks
  23. B

    How do i burn a restore off of a another computet can i

    Restore disk for my laptop
  24. M

    someone PLEASE HELP. ASUS keyboard problem

    hi guys, i hope you can help me out before i take this pos out back and burn it i have an ASUS ROG g751jy its about a year old and ive had no issues, its in great shape and no liquids,etc are involved with whatever the hell happened this morning i turned it on and for whatever reason my shift...
  25. S

    Virus surviving reinstall please help

    Hello, I am in desperate need of assistance. Any help you can give me I would be so grateful for. So it all started when Avast picked up a virus in my app data temporary burn folder, called the desktop.ini. After a quick bit of research I found out that this can be an indication of ransomware...
  26. F

    Looking for CD burner for Redhat Linux 7.2

    I cannot find a way to burn some data to a cd - I just have one small file. brasero is no longer on the distro I have. Other ones like k3b are not in my repo either. cdcreator burn, etc.. I can't find any of them. So far I don't see cdrecord.
  27. M

    Burning plastic smell.again...

    So i took my pc to repair shop and they could not smell anything. but at home when im playing Rust ,smell is so strong ,i get dizzy after a while. I3 3220 RX 460 Evga 500b 500gb WD blue 6gb Ram
  28. M

    Burning plastic smell coming from PC

    So when im playing games(its summer) i smell some kind of burning smell(just when i open my sidepanel) Why is this ,cpu temps are NORMAL from 40 to 60C and GPU temps are also normal going up to 66C My psu is Evga 500b and my GPU is RX460 pls halp i dont have any case fans.
  29. M

    Acer E 15 (E5-573-77HC) Upgrade From DVD Player/Burner To Blu-Ray Player/Burner

    Hello all, I am writing because, i really want to upgrade my laptop's DVD burner/player to a Blu-Ray burner/player. I have a Acer E 15 series laptop (E5-573-77HC). I am specifically looking for compatible Blu-Ray burner/player slim-line models' i will need for the upgrade. Any help will be...
  30. W

    Trying to burn music to play on old system

    Hi all, (sorry if this is in the wrong place) I am trying to help out my Grandparents, they have a very old music setup and are running CDs through a 'Kenwood DP-M87 Multi Disc Player' I have tried to burn some of my Grandad's band music that I ripped off an old CD he found, this went fine the...
  31. U

    Guidance on video editing software and burning to a DVD or Blu-ray disc (preferably)

    Hello- I have a bunch of mp4 videos from cellphones, converted Sony HandyCam video files, etc., that I want to want to make into organized home videos. The last time I did this many years ago, I had Windows Movie Maker and it allowed me to burn to disc. Now Windows Movie Maker is gone and...
  32. E

    Light Burning Smell

    My laptop is giving off a light burning smell. I just reset it as we speak and I'm cleaning out the vents on the bottom. I can run any tests or anything so fire away
  33. M

    Aux plug problem

    I have a CD burner I want to hook up and I have a Sharp home stereo, but the problem is the stereo only have just one aux plug behind it, do I need to get some kind of add on to make the CD burner work in it?
  34. T

    My DVD-RW Drive won't burn

    Hello, I've received an used Hp Pavilion dv2705tu for a bit now, And when i tried to burn something into a DVD+R disc, many program'd just show some kind of error regards I/O . I tried burning using Nero, UltraIso ,WMP on windows and K3b on linux but all of them didn't work. The drive's model ...
  35. N

    burn an iso

    how to burn an iso file to a dvd
  36. J

    No color on my burnt DVDs

    I have bought the Wondershare Slideshow Builder and I am putting pictures on DVDs. My problem is that after I burn the pictures on the DVD and put it into the player, it shows the pictures but they are in black and white, I want color. What can I do to fix this?
  37. S

    Solved! Burning smell when a USB cable was plugged and then it went off

    I just turned on the laptop and put a USB cable on the port, only for the laptop to go off and then followed with a burning smell. After this the laptop refuse to come on
  38. I

    Audio CD burning

    Could anyone recommend me a free program that I can use to burn CDs. I need audio CDs for a VW Golf Mk4 Radio-CD.
  39. K

    Besides Nero burning, any other powerful free apps replacements?

    I want burning apps, any other powerful free softwares besides Nero?
  40. U

    how do i make my sandisk 2.0 16gb a bootable device if the iso burning software wil not pick it up?

    my windows os for my desktop was corrupt so i am trying to burn my windows from my laptop onto the usb but the usb is not picked up in the software im using thus i cannot burn the ios and make it a bootable device need help asap
  41. D

    How to connect my Cd Burner

    I have the following equipment: Numark DXM06 mixer https://www.manualslib.com/manual/113492/Numark-Dxm-06.html?page=2#manual https://www.manualslib.com/manual/113492/Numark-Dxm-06.html?page=3#manual 2 Numark TT-100 turntables Technics stereo tuner ST-Z780 Technics Stereo Intergrated...
  42. M

    how to how to hook up a RCA CD burner to my receiver

    Have an RCA CD burner, and dont know how to hook it up to my receiver?
  43. L

    My Laptop Gave me an Actual Burn?

    So I was watching a long youtube video on my laptop in bed. I fell asleep and I woke with a burn on my finger. Is it possible that my laptop got hot enough to actually burn my finger, and even more unlikely, that I slept through it? My laptop is metal so it can get hot, but even on top of the...
  44. D

    Best device for accurate calorie burn

    So I've done enough research to find the most popular devices, but have yet to find what I'm looking for. I don't care about anything unrelated to calorie burn. So heart rate monitoring is of top importance, along with whatever other factors you guys know go with that. I do strength training...
  45. D

    I am getting a smell of burning from my Vaio Model number PCG-91111m

    Everything appears to be working but I keep getting a smell of burning, suspect that its the fan overheating as the laptop appears to be very hot in that area, scared of taking the back off. Any help appreciated
  46. 4

    4k bluray burning

    What external blu ray player/ripper and software can I use to back up my 4k blu rays to my external hard drive and have to ability to play them from the drI've to plex on my tv?
  47. J

    Audio Click CD-Rs

    How can I fix this problem. I just discovered that random audio click appearing at the end of some audio tracks that I burned onto cd-r. I use Soundforge to ready the audio for burning. Then NERO to burn. These occasional click appears once at the very end of the track. Help! Thank you!
  48. E

    Lenovo Laptop turned off

    Hello, was on my laptop the other day and it just shut off and made a weird hiss noise like something was burning and smelled of burning. I just took off the plate on the back and smelled around and seems like it is coming from around where the ram is. Only way to really look is to actually take...
  49. D

    Can't get past bios screen.Hi, I had a power supply blow up. Loud bang! Unit dead.No burning smell thow.Replaced power s

    Can't get past bios screen. Hi, I had a power supply blow up. Loud bang! Unit dead. No burning smell thow. Replaced power supply. Now:-650W . Was 600w. Lights on in case. Starts to BIOS screen. Sees all drives. Won't boot to drive to OS. WIN 10 Tried reinstalling motherboard drivers from disk...
  50. S

    how to extract files from ISO

    I have an ISO with installation files on it for a certain program. I want to give it to someone who doesn't know how to use a ISO. Can I mount the ISO, copy the files, save them in a folder, and burn to a data CD? If that won't work, what is recommended?
  51. M

    caps light is on burning solid and keyboard not typing correct symbols. other than that hp laptop works fine. f6 also has a or

    keyboard issues. caps light on and burning bright. f6 light on and burning orange. help
  52. J

    What causes fixalation during transcoding a movie file for burning, the movie file has good quality, no fixalation. I can see

    I'm using nero video 12 for burning my video/movie files, there are times that there is fixalation during the transcoding of movie file which i can watch at the screen of the nero video 12 window. The end result is the same in the dvd disc, but the source movie file has good quality and had no...
  53. Supahawk01

    Burning a CD like a play as DVD.

    As the title says, I need to burn a small video (18 Minutes/175MBs) to some 700MB CDs, and I need it to play on a DVD player. I have tried a guide online but I ended up being told by the program that it didn't fit on the CD because it became a 1.2GB file... How does175MB turn into 1.2GBs? I...
  54. 6

    did I burn my screen by using wrong cable plug or did I damage the motherboard?

    Did I burn my screen by plugging the wrong cable plug or did I damage the motherboard. The laptop works with an exterior monitor.
  55. J

    Laptop smoking, please help

    I smelt a burning smell today and I didn't know what it was, I looked down and noticed black smoke coming out of my laptop. I suspect the fan wasn't on and my components were being cooked How do i clean the fan? Oh, also on a related note, I inhaled some of it should I go to a hospital? I feel...
  56. ak195

    Using two Rams of different voltages

    Hello everyone, I'm using 2 rams of different voltages im my laptop, one is of 2GB (Voltages: 1.5) and second one is of 4GB (Voltages: 1.35). I know its not recommended, but I'm using it and no problem arises till now. Will it work properly in near future or it will burn or something else? Is it...
  57. D

    MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ8HC can't burn CDs

    I've tried PowerISO, windows media player, and the local file burner but they all seem to give me an error or tell me they're unable to. Could it be that this DVD drive doesn't burn cd's? I haven't tried dvd's so maybe it doesn't even burn anything. It only reads. Is this the case?
  58. L

    I had gotten a virus that I couldn't get rid of, it evolved into an fbi ransomware. at the same time,

    I just so happen to be updating windows. Everything went wrong, I have no idea, and its been hours. I think I'm finally rid of the virus, but allI did was burn down the woods. Now one of triple monitors won't respond whatsoever, and I still can't get any drivers installed.
  59. S

    Brand new laptop smells like burning suddenly

    Just bought a new Dell inspiron 5559 i7 6th Gen laptop recently. It's just been a week since I purchased it. Yesterday suddenly when I was gaming it started to smell. I was playing FIFA 14 at low settings. It never happened before. But I checked the temperatures on CPUID's HW monitor and showed...
  60. B

    Safe temperatures for my laptop? Please answer quickly!

    Okay this is info about my apu: http://www.game-debate.com/hardware/?gid=2350&graphics=Radeon%20R6%207300 http://www.game-debate.com/hardware/index.php?pid=2139&cpu=APU%20A10-7300%20Quad-Core Its apu has maximum of 102°C. I want a safe temperature so i dont burn my pc. I have aleready...